‘Allah’ Divides Malaysia

NOTE: This article by Aidil Rusli from The Malaysian Insider is one of the best articles on the ‘Allah’ issue.  You must read it.

Although I celebrated my birthday a few days ago with minimal celebration, no partying, and well, staying at home most of the time for the most part of my birthday anniversary, I’m thankful because you guys/girls have taken your private time to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’ via my social networking accounts, including text messages, with some also calling up to extend the same gesture.  I’m overwhelmed, and I’m very thankful for each and every wish given.  It’s a huge gesture that brings a smile, and I can’t help feeling blessed having close friends like you.  To all of you. Thank You!

With 2009 over and done, I’m looking at 2010 with a hopeful heart.  Lets face it, the country hasn’t started the new year on a good notch.  Yes, we had a blast during new year’s eve, but.. the next day was filled with demonstrations and religious conflicts which seems to turn into a racial and political spill.  Somehow, those whom were sober during New Year choose to come out and incite what I would deem as ‘racial and religious hatred‘.  It wasn’t one of Malaysia’s greatest moments as the 1Malaysia propaganda by Najib came into test, and the ‘majority community’ was supposedly ‘challenged’ by the minority Christians.

I think, the saddest thing which could happen on your birthday is to see your dear friends whom you highly regard as ‘Open Minded‘ and ‘Intellectual‘ people actually doing the opposite of what you thought they would actually do.  While I do acknowledge the fact that everybody has the freedom of speech, and the freedom to express their faith, I feel hugely disappointed that some friends have decided to show their support for street demonstrations, and also condemnation of Christians by joining groups promoting such things on Facebook and other social networks.  The issue for me here isn’t the word ‘Allah’, but rather the fact that these friends are actually supporting the act of bullying the minorities, and approving other actions like condemning other races, belittling other religions, and threatening those whom are of a certain religion.  It comes to my attention upon visiting such groups that some of those people in the group have even claimed that they are ready to kill and inflict physical injury because of this issue.  I always thought that this kind of attitude and the support for such actions was reserved for extremist, but I never figured some of those I call friends to actually join in the fray.

Yet, I realize that I have been posting articles on this issue on my Facebook page a lot, and I do not actually do that to be-little any religion, but rather give insight on what ‘the other side’ of the wall has to say.  Even the articles I’ve selected to post up are very general, and are more towards giving others a different perspective on the whole ‘Allah’ issue.  We all know, and realize how much publicity the other side has obtained, but not much has been said by the ‘court-winning minorities’.

With that said, I’d like to quote a message from the Christian Catholics Facebook Group which says:

As we watch the reactions from various Muslim communities who oppose the High Court decision that allows Catholics to describe the Christian God as “Allah” in the national language, let us all be mindful that all it is NOT the sentiments of the Malaysian Muslim majority. Let us all pray for more enlightened Muslims to stand up and to voice their opinion on this issue and to cheer them on. I think this is the only way to go. What else can we do? As individuals, let us all do our part to be the bridge and unite all Malaysians as one big family instead of creating walls that divide and hurt our nation. Do this for the sake of our children and future generations.

I ponder on what Allah, God, Tuhan, Yahweh… or better known as ‘The Father’ by many, would feel as he looks down on to earth and witness his children fighting over His name.  Indeed, I think He’ll be devastated and yet, down here on earth, we all care about nothing but ourselves, and honk how we are more religious than others whom profess other faiths.

I don’t know whether I am right or wrong, but my religion tells me that there is only one God, and my very own belief is that there is only one God Almighty regardless of any religion The difference is only how we choose to celebrate and worship Him, and Malaysia is currently moving away from the 1Malaysia spirit as it seems that ‘Allah’ is separating us Malaysians.  It’s sad, but it is true =(


  1. morning cyril,

    like many, i am bitterly saddened by all this. this issue is no more about the ownership of ‘Allah’ (which of course i find ridiculous) or has anything with religion anymore. from what i see, and like kee man said, it is now a political interference that we all know, will only create more chaos that peace.

    p/s i received ur email. thanks for the thought.

    Yes I agree Carol. The whole issue is actually a non-issue, and should not even spark any problems. I believe the home ministry is the one whom started it, and the Church is only fighting for its right to continue practicing what they have been practicing for decades. Politics made matters worst, and sadly… now, its already got out of hand. Lets pray for those whom have done unwarranted actions.

  2. Well said bro, well said. But to me, the “Allah” issue here is not mainly on religious ground, we can see clearly, it’s a political ploy.

    I do hope all sensible Malaysians would not act out of stupidity like burning Churches or Mosques as happened in Indonesia.

    Sadly, the burning of Churches has begun 🙁 Allah issue is too political already, and when things has gone out of hand, then the authorities want to take steps.

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