Am I Not Classy Enough?


Hi everyone, it’s been a while yeah? I’ve been sick and busy wrapping up the school term. It’s one of those weeks where everything needs to be completed in seconds.

So with the holidays now here, I can relax, but then again, I need to settle stuff for TwtUpKch before my short trip to KL in December. If you are not sure what TwtUpKch is about, click this link for an idea.

Well, since I’m still very much influenced by meds and dried out of ideas, let me share the photo below depicting me at Secret Recipe a few weeks ago.

I’m not sure if you can regard this as a bad habit, but I have a huge tendency to seat in the manner above regardless of which dining shop I go to.

Call it what you want, but I find it comfortable particularly when I’m just hanging out with friends. I am however unsure of what others think. Rude? Un-classy? Kampung? You tell me, but that ain’t gonna stop me from doing it.


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