Apple iPhone 4S to be sold below market price

The title is correct, and an Apple iPhone 4S is indeed to be sold below the market price, or to be more accurate, RM200 below market price.

And it gets better, it comes with a one year warranty from the day you purchase.  The warranty is one on one which means that if anything were to happen to your phone within a year, you’d get a new phone as a replacement.  Some places opt for repairs, but not this. They’d actually replace it for you. I know because I did it with one day left for my old iPhone 3G (which I sold after that).

So what’s the catch?

Well, it depends on how you see it.  For me, it’s rather that you’d be the third party in this deal, in which I the iPhone will be registered under me, and that you actually have to get back to me shall anything happen to the phone, because… YES, I am the seller.  I am however unsure if DiGi will allow you to send it for repairs by yourself, but I guess we could find out about then by calling DiGi or simply visiting their outlet.


I don’t want to lie, nor do I want to beat behind the bush. The fact is that I’d like to get the iDiGi data package, but I do not want to own an iPhone.  I’m pretty happy with my Samsung Galaxy S2, and there is no reason in the world for me to actually use an iPhone regardless if it’s a 4S, 4SII or what so ever model. Find the best iPhone mobile case deal at

With that in mind, anyone out there interested to buy the Apple iPhone 4S?  I’m offering you the rates below:

 If you are interested, drop me an e-mail, and I’d get back to you ASAP.


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