Are You Still With Me?


Hello there.

Are you still with me? or have you given up on this blog, which has turned into a ‘food review’ blog lately.

I admit, I had been featuring too many food reviews lately that my blog seems to be too ‘foody’. With that, I promise, I’ll cut down on the reviews, but a good dinner is difficult to say no to. I have my tummy to proof that.

Anyway, the new year is upon all of us, and it’s the year of the dragon. I’m not that superstitious, but I do try to follow the same routine every now and then, if I find it does bear good results. Unfortunately though, despite doing everything the same, the results are always different. Latest was how I used the same shirt, same pants, same ‘ehem’ to the Sarawak game last Tuesday, which I hoped they would win. The result was: a defeat.

But hey, new year, new life eyh? I still write, or blog. It’s just that… I do find my blog is getting boring *yawn*.

How do I know? Well, I do read my own post every now and then, and it always gets me thinking: “Why would I want to get back to this blog?”. Yep, the simple tactic of putting yourself in other people’s shoe. Self-demoralizing in quite a peachy way.

There are times I wished I could express myself like Coffee Girl. The absolute care in language and words, and the sarcasm revealed in some very tactful post sometimes makes me wonder how she actually pulled it all off. It could be the romantic novels she keeps babbling about, or maybe it’s just her English teacher ‘squeezing’ the best out of her when she was still in high school. Beats me, but I’m a fan of her writing as it is, and I can say her music selection is good.

At times, I’d want to be like Fahriee in writing. Cool and cheeky in every word. Using the ‘F’ (and i don’t mean Facebook) word in precision, and making swearing sound so casual yet acceptable. Yes, Fahriee can just delight me with his unconventional post, and at 20, this guy has talent.

Problem is, I am disgusted with phoneys, imitations and ‘wannabies’, and I don’t see myself even trying to follow their style of writing or their blogs. I can’t if I even did.

And hence, you get stuck with this ‘straight forward’ blog of mine which is filled with nothing huge to shout about, as my stats reveal that over half of my visitors are new visitors, and not returning visitors.

But well, do I care if I’m interesting enough to you?



  1. Food entries/reviews are great !! If your target audience is within South East Asia region (Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei), how can any of us say no to food? Well, at least I cant, and yes, I also have my tummy to proof it haha.
    Don’t worry, you are doing great. Many of us are following you religiously.

    Lets go Laksa !!!!

  2. I’ve always been here! :-)) always dropping by (with jaw-dropping mouth salivating) for a visit. sometimes i wish ud bring me to the food review because im such a big fan of good food (who isnt?) but im afraid i wont do it justice with vague and lame review. besides i need to lose weightttt!!

    And thanks for y-k-w! muaaahhh!!

  3. I’m reading more and more of your blog so you must be doing something right. And you know what they say about stats. There’s lies, damned lies and statistics.

  4. Sorry to hear this bro.
    Ppl don’t read our food review because we are not popular food blogger but i don’t mind writing about it in my blog to give it a variety. Writing is a passion of our own, we can never be someone else. You are right, you shouldn’t care about what other ppl think.

    The reason i didn’t leave a comment on your food review is because we went for the same event. But as you can see, i’m a loyal reader and commentor of your blogs.

    Have a nice day.

    • Yes, variety is good for the mix, just sometimes when it’s too many.. it makes the blog loose its appeal.

      Anyway, i understand on why food reviews do not get many comments, and thank you for coming back to my blog and leaving a comment. =)


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