Aren’t we patriotic enough?

So, my ‘otter-half’ decided we should watch a movie last night, and well we did. Since it was the month of merdeka, there were two short movie screenings related to merdeka (which I though was awesome), and the playing of Negaraku, our national anthem.

Okay, here’s the interesting part because when a voice from the speakers said “Please stand up for the National anthem”, people actually contemplated if they should stand up.

I heard some people question the move, while others choose to ask their friends if they should stand. I swear, I also heard someone ridicule the move, and say it’s a BN campaign to gain support.

Like seriously, wtf has happened to our country?

It was just a freaking documentary about nationhood and how some have sacrificed so much to protect our country, and we have people condemning such videos?  Also, it’s the national anthem, so do you need to stand? Duuhhhh..

Don’t get me started on the three men whom remained seated throughout NegaraKu, because if I had it my way, I’d actually want them shipped out of Malaysia, like instantly.

Added at 5:55PM – I believe Malaysians should know that they should respect the Malaysian flag and the national anthem. It’s a symbol of unity and our pride, and it doesn’t represent any political stance. My expression to have them ‘shipped’ is just my way of saying “I extremely feel they should show more respect for the national anthem”. Hope no one misinterpreted it to be political or racist.

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