Article on teachers clubbing. ENVY?


An article today by Utusan Borneo today highlighted civil servants going clubbing, and stated that such act will cause the government to experience failure in achieving its transformation plan. I felt they were overly critical towards teachers, and I thought it was unfair.

One of the accusations in the report

They said that teachers should not go clubbing, because doing so shows that they are ‘teaching’ kids to enjoy.

Let me point out first that teachers are also humans. They are no angels, and are definitely not robots. Not all teachers are ‘unwise’ and eventually get themselves drunk at pubs/clubs, and go to the extend of skipping their work and classes. Most teachers that I know go to such places just to hang out with friends, or to enjoy music.

I also believe that most teachers going to such places would be seen sitting down on a table while sipping drinks and chatting with friends.  Is that wrong now?

The article naming those involved.

The article seems to suggest that teachers going clubbing is immoral, and that the civil service, particularly teachers are well paid and should not ‘enjoy’ as it will disrupt the governments efforts to create a ‘world class’ civil service. It further said that teachers should not be enjoying themselves at pubs, and that there are other means of ‘enjoying’.

I find the idea that teachers shouldn’t go to pubs pathetic, and that the assumption of the writers that seem to say that teachers or civil servants should ‘enjoy’ anywhere else but pubs as discriminative and biased. So pubs are only for none civil servants now?

I personally believe that such mentality will cause the future society to be narrow minded, and if further enhanced, will make the younger generation less united and judgmental.  They will be more inclined to judge a person simply by the places he/she goes to, yet not knowing the ‘real’ person behind.

As for the ‘world class’ civil service, let me first point out that Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud once said in a youth dialogue: “There is no such thing as world class“. He further elaborated that ‘world class’ is self defined, so what ‘word class’ is this reporter talking about?

The said article by Utusan Borneo. Click to enlarge.

The last paragraph of the article also said that civil servants, particularly teachers are always given top priority when it comes to bonus and pay increase, which makes me wonder, is this article really about going to pubs and the government transformation plan, or is it just a disgruntled reporter who didn’t perform well to get his year end bonus?

P/S: I’ll go straight up to admit that I also go to clubs once a while with those clubs having good music having a special place in my heart. I think that doesn’t make me a bad person.


  1. I am one of ur silent reader. I am not a civil servant or teacher. Teachers or civil servant is still human, they still need air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. Apa beza daknya ngan the rest of the human.

    IF this people ber ‘clubbing’ and minum2 with their students, then it is ethically wrong. This reporter is so narrow minded.

  2. To be honest, that article and reporting was plain stupid. I suggest they do a tinjauan eksklusif and terjah all the gangster there if they really concern about social security and safety. For me, going clubbing is a personal thing and if it did cause any problem at work, then it’s their supervisor role to take action against them not reporters who have shallow mind like this. This is worst than being punished at work as they generalized it in that article, naming certain specific civil service and exposed it to public. Kiranya sidak reporter tok bait gilak la sik pegi clubbing tek, heh!

  3. Hahaha. Let me rephrase it: “Amat membimbangkan, golongan seperti wartawan tempatan yang sukati-hati-dia-saja-mau-cakap-apa-dia-suka dan amat menyedihkan apabila golongan ini telah banyak menimbulkan salah-faham dan menyeberkan maklumat yang salah dikalangan masyarakat2 tempatan.”

    Btw, relax bro, yang penting “ENJOY”! 😉

  4. how narrow minded!.. just because it is teachers involve suddenly having fun with friends in a club is immoral?.. the writer is too conventional, so one sided…. in their mind, clubs are places for ppl smoke weed, drunk themselves out, have sex, dress provocatively..when the real this is clubbing is just another source of uncluttered the cluttered mind , have a good bonding with friends, enjoying
    good music with perhaps one or two pint of beers..

    better cerita pasal kedai rumah urut…or bawah2 tangga where teenagers have sex and got knockep up..

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