ASTRO New Price Range


Astro announced that they will have to revise and increse their rental prices due to escalating cost.  As usual, Malaysians are standing up saying it isn’t a wise move considering ASTRO’s poor service.

In previous years, there was no cable TV.  No one complained.  ASTRO was an option for those with extra to spend.  Nowadays, it seems that everyone wants to have ASTRO at home, and the recent announcement seems to be turning a lot of people’s face sour.

I wouldn’t complain about the ASTRO hike because with rising operating cost world wide, there is a need to increase their service prices.  As for the poor service everyone seems to mention, I’ve read their explanation on the ‘rain distruption issue’, and their steps to counter it, which I think is good enough. As a Science teacher, I also know that their points are valid when they said that the ‘rain distruption issue’ is beyond their control and that they have taken more steps to decrease it – rain and thick clouds interferes with almost every signal transmitted through satelite connectivity.

My main problem with ASTRO is however the advertisements in their programmes despite my payment for their services.  I think paid services such as ASTRO should not have any advertisement because I paid for it.


  1. Damn-you Mahathir for giving monopoly to Astro. Current government is too weak to do anything.

    What can we normal nobody citizens do? Other than boycott there is nothing else NO OTHER Choice. Don’t give me the crap about Unifi its NOT available everywhere.

    Used to I rely on my 4mb line to take up the slack by watching youtube & download tv series but nowadays TM throttling as well.

    Hey BN why not you go hide in small tiny hole since you so weak just stop contesting! You can bet I WILL NOT VOTE FOR BN due to their inability to help the normal joes in this country. Prices of everything is going up despite BS like mamak and hawkers says no price increases yet the other day when I go to Kedai mamak for food I pay more!

  2. If 40% of Astro subscribers temporary unsubscribe the services for 6 months, Astro will lose RM73 millions for 6 months. Example: Total of Astro Customers is 800000 households. 40% of 800000 = 320000 households. 320000 household subscribe for Family Package (minimum package). 320000 X RM38 = 12160000/month. 6 months X 12160000 =RM 72,960.000 (73 million). Try to think of it, maybe this can work out something. Start from 11 July 2011 Astro subscription fee will increase from RM1 to RM15/month. Keep on paying or temporary terminate????…..

  3. Baruk tek bukak website astro; mok cari tariff utk latest package, tp sik jumpa pun, maka dah announce, cepat2 la update website, sak customer boleh pilih mok tambah or kurangkan channel ka..iskk…manas tok.

  4. ahh yes, the advertisement. thats the reason why i cant stay tune to watching my fav House or CSI series for long due to the advert. My solution? Download the series and watch without interruption.

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