Avira Never Fails To Please

I’m sure you’ve heard about Avira Anti-Virus.  Since the days of AVG, free anti-virus has evolved with many making innovations to control the anti-virus market.  Nowadays, brands like Norton and McAffee are not exactly favored by those whom prefer free reliable anti-virus.

One particular company which seems to be doing things right, is Avira.  Offering free versions for individuals, and premium versions for those whom want to get more… they are indeed the front choice by any anti-virus user, including myself.  To date, I have been using Avira for over 3 years, and I love the fact that they update their virus pattern for free and without much hassle. In fact, that the anti-virus itself is very light on the computer system, which is unlike some anti-virus which tends to slow down your whole system.

On that note, I am sure that those running Avira AV on your computer system remain satisfied with what they have to offer, but if you are not into these computer technical stuff, a recent visit by Robin to the recently concluded PC Fair in KL also shows another good version of Avira AV which I believe most men will enjoy.

Like I said, Avira never fails to please 😛

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