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Short words:  I’m not sure about what has happen in the past… I don’t know what will happen in the future… and I am wondering what will happen to me now. 4am, Sept 21st 2008

Somehow, I forgot… I’m 2 days late.  So many things have happened, and still so many things continue to happen….

Today is 20th September 2008, a Saturday… and its 3:42pm, Kuching time.  But if you notice, the post here stats 18th September 2008.


Well… because I forgot….. I forgot about how significant this date is to me… How vital and important this date should be to me.. I forgot because I was preoccupied (which means.. Sibuk… busy.. not available at the moment).


its because I was sleeping my head till it got numb…. because my body itched till my hands are occupied trying to remove that tingling sensation all over my leg, arms and body….  because I was busy reorganising my already barren, and empty apartment with the help of my students… because I just had to escape the Majlis berbuka Puasa held by the school and choose to eat a RM23 meal at KFC, when free food was provided at that event… because.. I always prefer to play Football Manager 2008, than think about problems which keep on coming despite thinking about the best solution..

Want more excuseses??

I have more… but it’s no point.. because I forgot that…

SEPTEMBER 18, is the day I started this blog,  cdason[dot]com…..


may you continue to be deep & different.
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