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Okay, I did say social networks should be seriously screwed, and I also did say a few things about Facebook and other social networks, as I quote myself below:

Friendster, like Facebook, and any other social network is similar in the sence that it could be manipulated easily… and I do not want people knowing so much about me if I do not know about them.
From my post Denial at its worst

People reveal too much of themselves on community networks such as Friendster, Facebook, Mysapce etc. From my post Top 10 Things in 21-27 June 2008

I still don’t get why some people would add anybody on these social networks. For friendship? Yeah right. I don’t see it that way. Especially if you only know 10% of the hundreds of friends you have on these social network.  From my post

For me, blogging is my new social network. Screw Facebook, Friendster or Myspace.  From my post Blogging, party & The Police

Yup, but yeah, now I’m opening back my FACEBOOK, but seriously only adding up people I know. My main reason to re-activate my account is….errr… maybe just to re-concile with my fellow bloggers, and to share information especially pictures with friends. After all, even AirAsia is on FACEBOOK, so… its time to follow the flow, and eat crap of what I think.

Really, I’m not just ‘ikut-ikut’ or follow-follow… but since everyone is there, there is a point to join in to keep in touch… Standing alone on something is never good also.

So, here’s my FACEBOOK badge…
Cyril Dason Kerine’s Profile | Create your badge
Cyril Dason Kerine's Facebook Profile
and I’ll make it a point to upload photos of events etc in my FACEBOOK. But yeah, don’t worry… won’t do much ‘self’ camwhoring for FACEBOOK. If I did camwhore.. it will be with other people in it… heheh and owh.. Some people think ‘camwhoring’ is a bad word. Seriously?? I tot it means, using the camera way too much to take photos… Am I wrong on this??

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