Beer Drinkers, This one is for you


Lets put the unfortunate tale of my Twitter account being hacked behind for a while, and indulge in something more exciting.

If you are a beer drinker, then this post is definitely for you. If you love drought beer, then this post is also for you! If you think those mugs which are used to serve you beer are always wayyyyy to small… THEN THIS POST IS FOR YOU!

Yes, beer drinkers… its October, and that means its time to go down to bars, or lounges to enjoy your favorite beer with promotions because its OCTOFEST!

A few days ago, I went to Rajang Lounge with a couple of friends, and her is Jimmy with two mugs of beer.

I know, It’s gigantic, and it only comes at RM38 during this October at the Rajang Lounge, Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching.ย  You can opt to get the mug as a collectors item, or in my case to drink Ribena at RM56.

The promotion for Octofest 2010

To top that up, you get to enjoy smooth music performed d’DYNAMIX’s which is slated to be on the Philippines Michele Buble, and I can verify that fact.

The Dynamix’s from the Philiphines

If you ain’t a beer drinker like I am, then don’t start cursing yet… because liquor is also having a special rate during OCTOFEST with the lounge offering their Black is Back promotion with Johnnie Walker Black Label going forย  only RM260++.

I’ll take the Johnnie Walker, you can get the gift. Share bayar la..

… and, to reward you even further, it comes with that 3 different types of limited edition gifts in which one of them can be seen in the photo above. Too bad, I don’t have that kind of money to spend that night.


  1. i have that mouse! =P hehehhe! but not that bottle. they gave me the Centurion Edition Black Label and a black velvet notebook with handtowel. damn shiok!

  2. Hi Cyril, the beer would have to be gigantic to be charging that much. How big is it anyhow? And is it plain old lager or actually a real ale? Looks darker than plain old TsingTao or something similar…

    Hope you got your Tweet Tweet account sorted out!


    • I’m not sure about the type of beer as I am not really into beer, but the beer they served that night was drought Tiger beer. And the size, it’s huge, its double my iPhone, and the photo above (with Jimmy holding it) is showing the beer after some of us had taken a few sips.

      And regarding the Twitter accound, thank you. I hope so too.


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