Best way of getting a Malaysian (.my) domain

Finally, after much contemplating, I have decided to secure the domain Previously, I have already secured (this blog) and (my tech blog).

While this blog will be retained as a personal blog of mine, and as my tech news sharing blog, the new will be used solely for featuring my professional biodata. It’s something like what Desmond and Kee Man did (click their links). I see this as a good way to enhance my profile professionally (plus the fact I don’t want others buying and using =P

Decided to get the .my extension because it reflects I am Malaysian, and it’s more personal in nature. Anyway, the journey to secure the domain is very unpleasant. At the time I am typing this, I’m largely annoyed with the service provided by MYNIC Berhad. In my 6 years blogging and negotiating about domain and hosting purchase, securing a .my domain extensions is the hardest.

For starters, the .my extension is only available through certain selected agents. My preferred hosting company, CYNET offers the extension, but unfortunately, they do not offer the 50% Merdeka Discount prices, forcing me to go to another hosting company. .my extensions are usually more expensive than the usual .com or .net, so the discount comes good for me.

Anyway, upon submitting my documents, and getting my domain approved (after 2 days), I was given my login details into the MYNIC system. Now, here’s where the headache starts. The layout of the system is plain and not user-friendly.  There are so many codes given for just one domain that you have to continuously refer to your registration email for details. Any changes you’d want to make would need approval, and if you decide to host the domain on another hosting company like I did (not the hosting company where you bought the domain from), you will need to get several information from your new hosting company to be filled in the table below.

In fact, before I actually got the table above to appear, I needed to re-check with the system about more codes and details!

As I’m no expert in modifying all these ‘domain related stuff’, I followed the given instructions to the word, but only to realize there’s an error.  I wrote in to MYNIC for help, and have yet to receive a reply, and I am quite certain it will take them quite sometime before they will actually reply (judging from my previous emails)

So everyone, if you want to get a Malaysian (.my) domain, take it simple by just getting it from MYNIC registered hosting services such as DataKL or Exabytes, and have your domain hosted with them. The trouble I’m going through now could be avoided if I had just decided to go with the two hosting services.

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