Bidayuh Sarawak


I found out that Sarawak is really different.  I know, you guys are like slapping your forehead and saying “Aiyah.. of course la you idiot!!”.. and I don’t blame you because, I have to admit…I do take my home state for granted way too often.

You know how I’ve been living for 25 years, and soon to be 26 (Shit, I’m getting older by a year soon!!)????  Well, all this while, I never really cared about Sarawak’s souvenirs and handicraft.  I used to carry those rattan baskets we Bidayuh’s call ‘tambok/jumbuok’ (or whatever they call it) up and down my granpa’s cocoa garden and durian estates, and I never appreciated it.  I used to walk pass through Carpenter Street like a thousand times when I was studying in Kolej Abdillah, just for the sake to go from India Street to Riverside… and I never realized… what was in those puny old shops along my way.

And my latest visit caught me by surprised.  Sarawak has so many interesting valuable handicrafts.  Down from the simplest keychain carvings, to the humongous solid wooden table.. It’s all found at Carpenter Street.  In fact, you could get so many antique stuff, you could beat Ripley’s hands down!  Honestly speaking, the row of shops at Carpenter street could be turned into a museum!!  I was also pretty amazed to see the designs of the t-shirst on sale.  The design of the t-shirts available look nothing short of amazing and stylish, while incorporating those Sarawak essence deep within.

Anyway, I’ll be frank by saying I had this sense of pride while looking at the handicraft’s sold.    Not only because they look so ‘tribal’ yet exclusive, but also to the fact that I can say I am part of it.

Ya..ya.. I don’t climb mountains to look for durians anymore.  I don’t get jiggy with muddy fields to get paddy.  I don’t walk for hours to reach some farm… I don’t do some authentic dance on the third day of Gawai, but still… I do feel the pride.  I guess my roots as a Bidayuh are still deep inside of me despite not really knowing much of my own culture.

I guess, that feeling just got to me so much that I decided to leave Carpenter Street with this souvenir:

Ahhh….. “Bidayuh Sarawak” 😀 No one can take that away from me….


  1. Aisey Cikgu Matt suka buat cerita. dia tu minta i belanja dia kot. maybe coz i said he can play like Chong Wei. Its bn ages since i met Matt. Have to celebrate his being a new daddy status!

    hahahha…. Matt will always be Matt.. 😀

  2. one of the reason why i’m in love with Sarawak…despite it being far away from my hometown. Love its diverse ethnics and culture.

    Frankly, i’ve visited all the shops, and i do mean every single shop along Carpenter Street and India Street..just couldn’t stop admiring the arts and crafts.

    You’ve visited EVERY SINGLE SHOP??? Dude, being a Sarawakian, which stays in Kuching some more… I feel ashamed. I mean, I have only looked at like 1/3 of the shops there, and you have covered all!!.

  3. yes, i love to walk along the carpenter street too.. if u notice, sarawak still preserve its culture and handicrafts… which im really proud of..and the keychain that u bouight is one of my favourite too.. (with an orang ulu lady la)

    Yeah.. I saw the Orang Ulu one.. Nice..

  4. Proud to be one too. remember, when ur at the top, pls still keep ur humility. Some Bidayuh out there, once dah terkenal, dah kaya raya, lupa daratan, and start to look down on his/her humble background. Cheers!

    One other’s last blog post..All fall down…

    Will heed your advice 😀

  5. Yeap – you guys did show us what you can all do during REDEEMS recently. By the way on you post in my blog regarding Bob Bergstrom…how did Matt know Bob?

    Actually he didn’t. I was referring to you.

  6. cdason:
    saying that you were in form one when u entered college, u were still a small and innocent young boy back then, and you would have look different by now. and i couldnt remember all my junior’s name btw.. but if u did, it’s a wonder too u don’t recoqnise me :p

    p/s: amiey dont despair. i think they have the melanau one too. last time i found Iban, Bidayuh and Melanau(if im not wrong) in airport and few other shops. u just keep looking k 😀

    Sumuk’s last blog post..Heart Attack

    I entered Kolej Abdillah when I was Form 4… hehhe.. maybe you’ve left when I got in..

  7. no melanau eyh…huhuhuhuhuh 🙁

    amiey alen’s last blog post..Stupid YM Girl

    Hehehe..probably coz the key chain is produced by a Dayak company, and therefore they only feature the Dayaks. No worries.. they might feature the Melanaus soon.

  8. Wow, Sarawak looks excellent…Sabah & Sarawak are the only 2 states that matters to me, as the folks in Peninsula are mostly retards…

    Ahh.. the Borneo part of you is speaking out loud 😀 , yet you are from Melaka, right?

  9. holy cow! ur a collegian?! haha!!! are we the one who ‘oriented’ you? haha!!!

    p/s: we do have the keychain, Dari & Dayung Bidayuh… for me and Babai..

    Sumuk’s last blog post..Heart Attack

    Suggesting that you don’t know me, means you didn’t ‘oriented me’..hehhe.. lagipun, I was a low profile person.. so, no one knows me 😀

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