So, I was called by Victor of Sasbadi Sdn Bhd.  He informed me that all three of my MJROBOTICS team was chosen and qualified to go to Bintulu for the state level competition.  My first reaction?? “Uhh….

Was speechless, and I can say dazzled.  I didn’t have high hopes, and even if I did, I’d expect only one team to go.. and not all three.  I think, this was the part I should feel darn proud and excited because after all the effort, and time spent on training the team, it finally shows that this year’s team is worthy of something.

I am very much proud of what the team has achieved.  I can’t deny that, but part of me is half hearted when it comes to going to Bintulu for the Sarawak finals.  Why am I half-hearted.. uhh.. it’s personal.. but I can say that it is not easy to decide.

If I go, I can’t help feeling that I am not doing the right thing, and I am going to disappoint close people around me.  I hate disappointing someone, even worst if they are really close to me.  But if I don’t go, I’m neglecting my responsibility on the team.  I know the team would surely want to go. Students… you know lah…

It’s my heart againts my head… and it’s just not easy.  Damn!! I wished I had better options.  Why does life always put us at difficult crossroads??

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