Birthday planning for Lazada Malaysia


Birthday planning takes a lot of effort, and Lazada Malaysia will be having their 6th birthday bash in April. Interestingly, instead of asking an events planner to do it, they contacted me to to do the whole planning. But that’s not all.

According to Lazada, in conjunction with their birthday celebrations, 1,000 flash deals would be offered, some of which would be given with 90% discounts. They also told me that the whole birthday bash would be running from 25 to 27 April, with a wide range of brands and products also on offer.

Well, since I get to plan the birthday, I am suggesting that the whole celebrations should be done in a small town called Bau. I know it’s unorthodox, but I believe Bau also needs some excitement every now and then, and a huge birthday bash like Lazada’s could do wonders to lighten up this small sleepy town. In Bau, the multipurpose hall of the town would be used.

So with the venue already decided, I figured a theme should also be set as nothing shouts ‘Partayyyy!!’ like a dress up costume party.

The theme of Lazada’s birthday would be ‘The Wedding’ because I’m pretty sure such a theme isn’t a typical birthday theme, and everybody likes to suit up once a while.

Since weddings revolve a lot on flowers, I’ll order a huge amount of red roses from Lazada to decorate the venue. These roses would be placed around the hall at appropriate places.

Birthday Planning


Also, I’ll buy some 2,000 flower petals, also from Lazada Malaysia as they can be scattered on the floor to increase the wedding ‘feel’.

I will also by letter baloons and use it as the main backdrop as they are really cheap on Lazada Malaysia as you can see below.

For the cake, I will choose a simple chocolate icing cake, and put an acrylic Mr & Mrs Bride and Groom love cake topper which I bought from Lazada Malaysia for only 12.70.

Last but not lease, I will purchase a very nice looking blazer at only RM44 from Lazada Malaysia, and match it with my black pants so that I could fit the birthday theme which is ‘The Wedding’.

So, with all those birthday planning written and proposed, it is now up to Lazada to decide if they would accept my birthday planning proposal.

But then again, it really doesn’t matter how the birthday party for Lazada turns out because, or if they do select my birthday planning proposal because what I am really keen to enjoy during Lazada’s up-coming birthday is the huge discounts they would be offering from 25 – 27 April.

You see, I’m crossing my fingers that they reduce the the Samsung Galaxy Note8 by 90% during their birthday bash so that I can get it at only RM27.99.

Til then, Happy birthday Lazada Malaysia!

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