Bitching About Me


I wanted to blog about the Satok Pasar Ramadan, and also about the Kuching Blind Center Massage Center… but something cropped up, so I’ll turn to doing a tag which Free posted on his brand new blog.

Here I go, and screw the rules of this tag…. like most people say…. I have changed… and I don’t go by the book anymore.

1. What are your goals/dreams?
:: To have a life, and to enjoy it.

2. The happiest thing in your life?
:: I gues I’d be enjoying myself without a worry.

3. Favourite colour?
::Black, Blue and definitely Silver.

4. What do you like to change of yourself?
:: Maybe I’d like to change my job.  My job sucks.  Its work ethic’s sucks.

5. Where do you wish to go the most? Why?
:: Somewhere which makes me happy.. happy.. happy!!!

6. What is your weakness that you can’t stand the most?
:: I don’t mix around with people and shy away from a crowd of strangers.

7. What will you do if you face something sad?
:: Blast music, and patch it up.

8. Most afraid to lose..?
:: Those close to me.

9. What is the practical target within this 5 years?
:: Get a house, and probably save up 20k.

10. Ask yourself, do you like yourself?
:: There are moments I hate being me.

11. Favorite song?
:: All time favourite would be “Janji Tinggal Janji” by KRU, but current favourite would be “Fall for you” by Secondhand Serenade.

12.What weird things that you wish to happen?
:: I could be Superman… If that would coume true, It would be really cool.  It would solve so much!!

13.What age do you wish to live until?
:: I honestly don’t care.  I just want a quick and painless death.

14. You Hate which type of people the most?
::Topping the list would be those ‘busy-bodies’ and those people whom likes to talk bad despite not knowing the facts.  Then, its those racist, extremist, and well.. you know what I mean.

15.Are you satisfied with your life?
:: Nope.  I want MORE!!

16. What do you wish to do the most now?
:: Stay at home, and enjoy my life.

17. Do you have a life?
:: I am living.. so its a life.. a dull one.

18. What’s your bed time?
:: 1am-3am..

19.If God will give you one thing and take away another, what do you think it will be?
:: I guess He’d take away my life, and give it to another more deserving person.

20. What car do you wish to drive?
:: Mitsubishi Evo.. still love the curves of this sexy machine.

The five people I wish to know more about:
:: Do the tag, if you want to..

Other than that, please don’t bitch about me and say I did this and that without checking the facts first.  Mind your own bussiness people… don’t mind about me.


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