1. BengBeng:
    Hahahha. i was wondering what this is about.. LOL.. Nice… but can you email me the photo of the resit close up. That would be much better. Anyway, love the photo!! Made my day.

    Ouch!! Facebook should unblock those whom are blocked wrongly immediately. Now, they are just taking their sweet time 🙁

  2. This is the issue that I do not like regarding Facebook. Just because their systems suspects something, our account will get blocked. Once it happened to me when I was trying to add too many friends within one day.

  3. Gallivanter & Carol:
    I did, and I have yet to hear from them 🙁

    They have been taking their sweet time..

    I hope it won’t take that long.

    They have new rules, and I never bothered to read it.. hahaha.. well, the email does sound like that, ho?? *sigh…

    Am doing so now.. Hope it wont take THAT long

  4. Hey Cyril,

    That’s bad. I know FB will consider us as a scammer if we send mass email or messages. Posting your blog web address on other Fb users frequently in a day can also cause this. It happened to me once but I was suspended for three days only. They just don’t bother to read what we post. They are just concerned with the frequency of us posting things at other people’s FB account.

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