Borneo Colours Blogger Of The Month

If you have joined as a member, and check the site frequently, then my post comes a little to late.

Anyway, if you aren’t then here’s the BIG NEWS. I am Borneo Colours Blogger of The Month.

I’d love to give a thank you speech for the award, but I’ll bore you, plus… those I failed to mention will feel a little dissappointed with me for failing to mention their names.

With that said, I thank everyone of you, and to Borneo Colours, thank you for such an appreciation.  You can catch the whole interview of myself being the Blogger of The Month Here.

Do forgive me for the bad photo of an event I am looking forward to because I suck at drawing both digitally and manually.

And… I kind of miss-interpreted the last question (which says “Draw a picture of yourself having fun on a weekend.“) when I was emailed about the award (yeah, I kind of knew about it a couple of weeks before)… and that resulted in me drawing a photo of myself as seen below (cause I assumed it was one of those, “draw an image of yourself” things):

If you are asking do I really look as ugly as I draw. I’ll tell you now.. YES!! I do look as ugly as I draw… and I do put on short pants and carry my phone around. Oh, notice the smiley face? Well, it’s cause I want to always be happy… teeheeee…

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