Borneo Colours B2.0: Sarawak Bloggers


I’m not in Kuching because I am attending a good friends wedding, and while I’m here… I’ll be giving a presentation called ‘Sarawak Bloggers: Networking Everyone’ at the event below:

Borneo Colours B2.0

I’m hoping my presentation would be educational and interesting… *crossing fingers*… Honestly, I’m a little nervous because from the preview dinner I attended today (yesterday actually), people were still like going ‘Huh??‘ and ‘Oh, you are a Sarawak Blogger.  Do you guys have a bloggers association or group?

Honestly guys, no offense taken for not knowing what Sarawak Bloggers is all about because we just started last March, and we still have a lot to do, a lot to learn, and a lot to promote on our community.

Anyone knows why I choose the title “Sarawak Bloggers: Networking Everyone“?

Best answer gets a hug… A tight hug… So Amiey, you better answer correctly 😛


  1. hey bro! Nice site! Glad to have met you at the Conference. And, for the record, you gave a great presentation, DEFINITELY have Sarawakbloggers well represented!

    Catch up soon.

  2. Hey Cyril, that’s great about giving this speech/ lecture, even though at least half your audience may be somewhat clueless about blogging and what it actually entails.

    I’ll be sure not to provide an answer to your question because I could do without the hug 😉

  3. i think its because to connect all srwk bloggers despite anywer u r~plus,i get to know that not everyone in the community are srwkian..quite few r only based in srwk and considering they r part of it as they rili feel like home here…anyway,all the best 4 ur presentation…hope everything will go on smoothly!=)

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