Borneo Girls Are Cheap?

Recently, a girl named Hani Tarmizi posted on Facebook how ‘jungle’ Sarawakian girls are. She claimed that girls from Sarawak are from the village and in a way ‘cheap’ (‘sluts’ sound so harsh). You could enlarge the photo above, and you’ll see what she has said.

Her comments sparked outrage among the Borneo people from Sabah and Sarawak, with a hate group boasting over 5000 fans being created. When one group is closed, a new one is created by those whom hate Hani. Yea, I know, it’s that intense. I can’t blame these people because Hani’s words do hurt, and she is directly degrading girls from Sarawak (and probably Sabah).

But Hani isn’t the first to describe such thing. I’m saddened and even very disappointed with some so called ‘friends’ which refer to girls from Borneo as ‘easy’. It’s a norm among SOME men, most notably those from the peninsular, whom talk about girls from the Borneo states whom they wish to ‘tackle’ just for the sake of sex and their personal lust. In fact, some do say that they would want to take these girls as their 2nd or 3rd wives to save them. Maybe they take it that in East Malaysia, we tend to be very close regardless of gender, but that isn’t a good argument to say that these girls are easy.  Remember, East Malaysia and West Malaysia do not share similar values, because in East Malaysia things are definitely different, and we look at things differently.  I wouldn’t want to get into the religious side of it, because that would be a whole different story of how annoyed I am with people whom do not practice what they preach.

Anyway, while most of us from these two states stand firm and defend our ‘sisters’, we can’t change their mindsets overnight, and do end u feeling bitterly annoyed and disgruntled that our ‘friends’ feel such a way. I guess, that is why, most of us do not really condone our ‘sisters’ from becoming too close to those men from the peninsular.

Despite that, I’d like to note further that; NOT ALL MEN FROM SEMENANJUNG MAKE SUCH STATEMENTS & THINK IN SUCH A WAY. We shouldn’t generalize, but we also can’t deny that the perception is there.

What may be the root of such a perception? I wonder myself. Is it how they dress? Is it how they bring themselves? Is it how they mix around, or does it have something to do with history?  Either way, such a perception is NOT GOOD IN ANY WAY.

This negative perception has to stop. Girls, regardless of place/background/religion/race shouldn’t be looked down upon. They must be respected. I admit, some girls portray a bad image of their race/people, but that doesn’t mean all are similar to them.  Some are better off, and will feel very insulted with such a remark.

In Hani’s case, I’d really not want to take sides, and that’s why I do not join up in any hate groups made up. Reason being is that I do not know the start of it all.  Hani may have said that girls from Sarawak are sluts, and that is a very hurtful and narrow minded allegation.  But I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt that she said it out of anger because maybe some Sarawakian girl is trying to steal her beloved husband. Who wouldn’t? I’d be pissed if my partner was being fished by someone.

Then again, she shouldn’t make such an allegation, and should just pint point the name of the person. But you know-lah… Malaysian culture, always trying to do some sort of ‘side-kick‘, rather than getting straight to the point.

I’m ending this post with this quote from Grey’s Anatomy: “I feel like some people whom would affect some people whom are happy people… and that makes me miserable“.  We all should be happy, but not to the expense of other people’s happiness.

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