Boyination 8: Rise of the dance


I think if I did a survey, 70% of my colleagues will say that break dancing, shuffling or anything inter-related is bad.  They don’t see the point of such a dance, and most think that these dances prove nothing.

Well, they should go to Boyination 8 and check out the dances presented.  All the twisting, spinning, jumping and dancing was something my eye was pleased to see.  But my camera wasn’t pleased. Shots of the best acts resulted in poor pictures, which somehow reminded me of the need to get a DSLR anytime soon 🙁

Anyway, these guys mean business when doing their dance.  I think nothing proves this facts more than the picture below:

While I honestly don’t really get the BBoy- Boyination concept, I believe this is something youths should get involve in.  It beats drugs, glue sniffing and illegal racing, plus its entertainment. Trust me. I never enjoyed a dance show as much as what I saw during the Boyination 8.  Awesome stuff I tell you!

Traditional dances have their own attraction, but you get bored of it when you’ve seen it way too much.  B-Boy Nation or Boyination serves you something fresh everytime, in every dance, and the music ensures you tap your feet while you enjoy the skills presented.

So what’s the difference between Boyination and Shuffling which has gained popularity lately? I know some would be confused, as I was too…

According to Soul High Crew which are behind Boyination 8, its really the music and clothing that speaks their difference, and I was very surprised to actually know that most of those whom joined actually had special trainers, and are working young adults (Yeah.. I blame my ignorance as well).  Boyination 8 was won by Sabri after he danced away with leaps which couldn’t be matched by other dancers, and NO.. its not him below. My camera couldn’t catch him in action because he’s moves were super fast.

Boyination is indeed something everyone should know about, and I suggested to the Soul High team to have free performances in the city center just like what we see during the weekends at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.  I have a feeling it will definitely be a crowd puller, and if you still can’t figure out how exactly is Boyination, then think about break dances… Its 90% the same… okay, but minus the hip hop radio cassette player we used to see.


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