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My very own personal model: Amiey

Maybe it’s not as popular as America’s Next Top Model, but the Breeze Model Search by Breeze Magazine is something familiar to many Kuchinginites. Here, I’d give my take on all the finalist, the 3 babes and the 3 gents. And NO!, the girl above is not in the competition, but she is my very own private model ;P Anyway, the following comments are actually a reflection of the finalist based on what I have seen on TV, and their photo-shoots. It’s not their biography or anything too personal, and I hope I won’t anger anyone with my drastically honest comments. After all, being models, they should already be used to strangers such as myself being critical on their appearance, and their personal attributes.

First off, the girls.

Sapphire Wong
Saphire Wong (left) with Fahriee.  Photo by Norman Goh
To be honest, I like looking at photos of Sapphire…. or errr… Fire. She gives me the impression that she’s outgoing, fun and way sporting. She looks comfortable with herself, and it shows very well. Among all of the finalist, she stands out as being different and I personally felt that she would be a favorite choice due to her simple personality.  Apart from having fair skin complexion, Sapphire stands out to be the model with a little bit of attitude (which is really interesting) and the pull of the ‘girl next door’.   Yes, she is on fire… and that makes her really hot!!

Effa Matapura
Effa Matapura - Photo by Fahriee Izzad
Kampong girl. That’s what I’d like to say about Effa. She looks stunning in the kebaya, and well reminds me a lot about tradition. She’s elegant and yet confident in a very simple unique way.  I bet, if she was to walk anywhere, heads would turn a complete 360 degrees.  In fact, she looks magnificent in traditional outfits that I hugely feel she would be a great success in promoting Malaysia’s batik clothing.

Aprilia April
This girl puts the word sexy in new perspective. Her presence in the competition proves that Indonesian babes are P.H.A.T, and her major pull would be her willingness to go the extra mile when it comes to photography. Among all the girls, I think she is one of the most published contestant, and knows well how to blend into the modeling society. She definitely brings out this certain aura which makes the guys go…Wow!!

Now, the guys…

Benjamin Sim
Benjamin Sim.  Photo by Norman Goh
I know he is the youngest among ’em all, but he most certainly is the most striking with his cute and innocent looks. If he was to be compared with Christiano Ronaldo, I’d go for him. Too bad tough, he play basketball instead, and lives in a country which doesn’t really care if you are hugely good in sports. To be honest, despite his tender age, Ben is a favorite to win especially with his ‘Hong Kong actor’ look, but then again, anything can happen.

Firdaus Affandi
Firdaus Affendi
Probably the next Malay model, but I’m here not to talk about race or religion =P Firdaus strikes me as someone matured, and judging from his shots, he is sort of like the typical actor whom can controls his emotions well.  Although he does seem rather quiet, but rumor has it that he can actually sing although I haven’t actually heard him sing personally. Firdaus also has this ‘athletic body’ which would make girls go gaga.. hahhaa

Richard Yu
Richard Yu. Photo by Norman Goh
Richard has modeling written all over him. He is well built, and he knows how to control his facial expressing making him the perfect candidate to be a real model. He looks very matured and has the ability to make himself seem very sexy and macho, hence making him a huge candidate for a modeling career. Did I mention he has this Andy Lau look too?

Anyway, I have a good feeling of whom I think would win, but I’d reserve that to myself.  Regardless of anyone’s comment, the final result would be based on your votes via SMS.

I’ve heard that the finale would be held at The Original Carwash on the 12th of September 2009.  I won’t be going because the tickets are way to expensive for me although, I’d love to cover the event but I’m dead broke nows, and RM80 per person would seem much more well spent feeding myself for a couple of days.  Owh, before I forget… the photos are ‘snatched’ from Fahriee and Norman whom are the official photographers of Breeze Magazine, and that’s why you see obviously can see how nice the shots are.  Hope you guys don’t mind lah.

Well, i think it’s worth to note that I’ve also noticed that there are some shallow minded people out there whom are giving these guys/gals a hard time, so to all of you guys (Breeze models), remember… these people will never know when to stop, so just ignore them because at the end of the day… it’s you guys whom are models, and these people whom talks shit and crap like total idiots are the ones sitting down at the side of the table feeling pretty damn jealous of your achievement.  Congratulations for making the finals of the Breeze Model Search 2009!

Update on 12 Sept 2009:

Word has it that Ben and Aprilia won the contest.  Again, congrats to all!!


  1. Nice post bro! Would love to see more of these around the net..want to see what people actually think about the models. 😛

    Thanks man! And my fav is.. oppsss.. Undi saya rahsia..

  2. Hey Cyril, nice post! Good write up!
    Anyways, thanks on behalf of my cuzzie, Ben. Support him ya!

    Sure Norman… he is one of the contestants I personally think would win the competition.

  3. I’ve been following news on them too. Even watched the tv1 show to know them better.

    Just that I’ve yet to vote for them 😡

    I think, most of us.. are simply just like you..hehehe

  4. To be honest, I prefer and willingly to vote and promote Sapphire and Ben Sim… they both deserve to win! 😛

    but for others, I admire them too… just that… best amongst the best… 🙂

    In a way, you are already promoting them.. indirectly.

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