Building the kampung house: Another house design

The construction of the house in on-going but there’s a need for another house design.

While it did seem that the past design would be the final design, the contractor alerted me on some design flaws which may cause the rooms, particularly the kitchen and dining room to be smaller.

That said, changes had to be made.

Rooms bricked up

Construction of the house didn’t halt despite the need for a redesign as the redesign only affected the living room, kitchen, dining room and common toilet.

As you can see below, half of the house is now bricked up.

New house design

If you are wondering what had changed, the image below is the new house design.

As compared to the previous design, you will notice that I have decided to enlarge the dining room, cut down on the patio and remove the wall between the wet (cooking area) and the dining room.

After much consideration, I felt that it will be more space saving to have the kitchen and dining room separated with aluminium and glass instead of bricks, and hence why you will also notice there’s two sinks in the kitchen.

The separation wall will be made later on when the house is already completed.

The change meant there’s do not affect the 3D design much which will now look as seen below.


With the walls now occupying 1/3 of the house, purchase of other items are also required which I will detail in later blog post.

Faster updates on the house will can be seen on my Instagram, but if you want detailed information, it’s on this blog under the  tag ‘Kampung House‘.

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