Building the kampung house: The new house plan


So after my initial post about the design of the house, I made a discussion with the contractor and had to re-design the house and create a new house plan.

This was largely due to pricing which somewhat exceeded our budget.

Cost of construction material had increased drastically over the past few months, and this in turn, pushed the price of the house higher.

New House plan

Therefore, the new house plan design is as seen below.

It still hits all d points which I made prior to this, which you can read in the previous post, with this new design further utilising the house land while at the same time improving it’s practicality, with cost saving measures.

Changes in design

Compared to the design I shared in the first post, this design has the house measurement included.

I’m personally like the design myself because while it decreases the size of the patio, parking area, and the size of the living room area, it now includes a store.

On top of that I was also able to included a wash area dedicated to the washing machine and the common bathroom is now more accessible to d living room & kitchen.

3D Re-design

The 3D representation of the house as can see below.


There’s nothing grand about the house to be honest, and to me, it’s built with practicality in mind.

The roof design is not to my liking, but it makes roof easy to maintain and easy to install while at the same time avoids wastage of material. I am also thankful that at least I don’t need to buy the land to build the house, so yeah…

Faster updates on the house will can be seen on my Instagram, but if you want detailed information, it’s on this blog under the  tag ‘Kampung House‘.

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