Bungee Jumping in Kuching City


Unlike previous years, this year I decided to join Mike and the gang to head on to the Kuching Waterfront for the Sarawak Regatta. In previous years, I avoided the Sarawak Regatta because it would be filled by so many Regatta fans, and getting to the side of the waterfront to watch the regatta needed me to squeeze through the crowd. It’s something I really didn’t enjoy.

Asif up above.

However, this year, they had more stuff on, and one which caught my eye was the Reverse Bungee Jump. Kuching is indeed home, and a lovely place, but stuff like ‘this’ aren’t a norm, and are hardly found around here. With that said, I decided to go for it. I mean what could go wrong? The worst would be that I get my face smashed on the floor =P

For those of you wndering how it went, here’s a video of what happened:

The Bungee JumpThe best home videos are here

To be honest, it was awesome, but I wished it was a little more higher. As for my shout, it’s not a shout of anguish or terror, but my shout of letting loose. Hey, I can’t shout like that on other places, so hell yeah to a good rush of adrenaline!

Bungee Jumping by Jasmine

If you want to enjoy the Reverse Bungee Jump in Kuching, be at the Kuching Waterfront-Near Brooke’s Cafe tomorrow (Sunday-18.09.2011).. and shout your lungs out. The RM30 is so worth it!

p/s: I laugh at myself everytime I see that ‘half’ back-flip. Tummy heavier than my back =P


  1. Hahahahaha..You were almost there Cyril.. You should’ve done it another time 😀

    Next time ajak me together la.. I wanna try that too after watching videos from you and Fahriee 😀


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