Busy, but not busy

For some apparent weird reason, I seem to be spending more time surfing the net, watching TV series and lying down flat on bed, getting so much sleep, than actually finishing my work for the past few months.  For some other weird reason, I complain that I am busy doing all these stuff, when, to a common parent… this thing is all actually doing nothing.

That’s my life… weird, mysterious, funny and I guess I can say wasted.


Emmm…. I waste too much precious time doing nothing but what I enjoy.

Really?? Can you blame me??

To be absolutely, seriously honest… I feel that I am one of those people whom just can’t do any work (as in work-work) at home.  I just can’t.  Every time I close the brownish door which keeps my apartment safe from the cruel outside world, I’d feel obliged to do everything… but my work, work…

Call me lazy… call me nuts… call me not committed.  I really don’t care shit because I know, when I reach home… I will, for some weird reason, have the urge to keep all my work, work away… and concentrate on relaxing to the most relaxing manner I could.  I

Owh SHIT!!!

Now, I’m even feeling lazy to update this blog.  I’m just torn between doing my work-work… or doing my personal work… It bugs me.  If I did my work-work at home, I’ll suffer a painful day, and my personal day will be ruined, but my work, work will be complete..leading to me having less worries of unfinished work-work.  Further more, I’d loose my so called “fortress of solitude” to my work!!

If I did my personal work, I’d have an enjoyable day, a wasted day without any real achievement, but maybe perhaps an updated blog… which will lead me to have my work-work to worry about when I go to work on Monday.  Not then again, my fortress would be kept a virgin from any real work-work.

Ahhhh… no pics for this post.  I’ve go that “bad urge” that I would be too damn hardworking if I posted any photos for this post.  M.A.L.A.S is the word, and if you want to see a photo or two, check out cdasongraphics.

Urghhhh… say something if your an earthling reading this weird post.

error: Sorry.

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