Can parcels travel back in time? Apparently they can!

Bicyble, rider, transporter
A delivery person using bicycle. Photo: Pixybay

I’ve recently made a purchase on Lazada Malaysia, and the item I’ve bought had since been labeled, packed and shipped by the retailer.

I was excited because the parcel should be arriving within days of me obtaining the tracking number.

Well, surprise-surprise, because instead of reaching my destination, it seems that the courier will deliver my parcel to a date which had passed as you can see below.

Parcel travel back in time
Parcel travels back in time, if the delivery date is correct.

Now, I’d like to believe this is a system glitch, and I’ve already contacted the courier company, but for now, I just hope that the delivery does happen as mentioned in the system, the person who receives my parcel at the said address in 2015 does forward it back to me in 2017.


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