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If you are looking for a cheap domain name, then I’d highly recommend you go for NameSilo, a domain name seller which offers I think is the cheapest domain registration in the whole wide world.

I found NameSilo after I saw LiewCF tweet about it, and compared their rates with other hosting and domain companies I use, which include MyDuniaHosting and Cynet.

Cynet offers any customer that signs up using this Cynet Discount Code : DI-296A , a 10% discount for servers and hostings, but there’s no mention of domain names discounts which they sell off at MYR35/year, without WHOIS protection.

MyDuniaHosting, despite excelling in being the best hosting company I’ve used to date, is selling a domain at MYR75, inclusive of WHOIS protection.


This is not the most accurate definition, but it is my understanding.

WHOIS according to Wikipedia is “a query and response protocol that is widely used for querying databases that store the registered users or assignees of an Internet resource, such as a domain name, an IP address block, or an autonomous system, but is also used for a wider range of other information.” – This means WHOIS it is a place that keeps information of domain name owners, which include their email address, phone numbers, and mailing address, all needed for a registration of a domain name.

Whois information cyrildason
WHOIS information when looked up online.

These information are best kept private, but WHOIS does publish them publicly and you can easily find these information by looking up a domain name detail.

That is where WHOIS Protection comes in.  WHOIS Protection basically hides the private information I mentioned above, and replaces it with a general information.  Hiding this information will keep away spammers and scammers (and stalkers) who love to collect and use such information.

Now, usually, WHOIS Protection comes at a different price with some charging a minimum RM15 a year for such protection, while others charging much more, hence making domain names soar to above RM50/year. Yeah, still relatively cheap, but if you could save, why not? – Read on below to save on domain names.


Like I said, this is where I found NameSilo, a domain selling site.  They charge in USD, and sell numerous type of domain extensions, from .com to .xyz and more at a relatively low price. Yes, even after conversion from USD to MYR.

For a typical .com, you’d be paying not more than USD9, and that’s like MYR45 per year, and that includes WHOIS Protection. CHEAP!

NameSilo Search
Searching a domain name would reveal the price, and what domains are available for booking.

If you want to save more, use my NameSilo discount coupon code : CYRILDASON upon check out, and save USD1 (That’s about MYR4.20).


One of the biggest disadvantages of NameSilo is that you need to pre-pay to use their services (if you decide to save more). This means you need to pay in advance to buy a domain because they don’t allow you to pay directly using credit card or paypal. You can opt to not join their discount plan, but domain prices will be slightly more expensive, so it is a non-brainer if you ask me. (Thanks NameSilo for the clarification!)

I paid USD50 to buy a couple of domains from them, so I have like USD30 left to use left after buying two domain names.


So, if you are looking to register a domain for your site, do check out NameSilo to save.

I’m sharing this because I know it will help you guys, and not because I am paid to write this review.

Jangan cakap abang tak payung-lah, ok?



  1. Hi Cyril. Thanks for your writeup and kind words – they are very much appreciated! I just wanted to clarify that pre-funding of account is not required unless you are enrolled in the Discount Program. If you leave the Discount Program, you can simply pay as you go with any of the several methods of payment we accept 🙂

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