MyEG Isn’t for East Malaysians

In the last post, I stated how I wasn’t really pleased with MyEG because I had to pay extra for my road tax, yet I was in Sarawak, and my car is used in Sarawak.  Well, I did however take some consolation because the officer I called said that my road tax would bear the ‘Sarawak’ edition, a.k.a the local edition.  I figured, RM70 is ‘okay’, considering I don’t have to go out of the house.  It’s saving fuel, time and money.  Well, here’s part of my new 2010-2011 road tax:

And I am largely disappointed.  No offense to my West Malaysian counterparts, but I’d really like my car to have a local coloured road tax.  Now, people can easily assume that my car is brought over from the Malaysian West.  It’s no big deal, but I always liked my personal things to be somewhat close to me, or at the very least bear something ‘Sarawakian’.  I’m actually unsure about what the complications are for bearing a Peninsular Malaysia Road Tax, but being a true full-hearted Sarawakian, the sense of ‘being-foreign’ comes up when I see the road tax sticker.

Well, I know I missed the disclaimer which goes “THIS ONLINE ROADTAX RENEWAL CATERS FOR PRIVATE CARS ONLY. (PENINSULAR M’SIA RATES APPLY)”, but nothing was said about getting West Malaysian road tax stickers regardless of place.

Next year, I don’t think I’m going to renew my road tax with MyEG anymore.  They overcharge, and they lied straight to my face, or rather straight to my ear.

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