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Patrick of Spongebob

Its almost year end, and I find myself caught in a huge dillema.  As usual, work seems to be non-stop, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.  A huge thanks of this goes too…… errr, I can’t really say, you guys just need to make a wild guess.

Well, this post is regarding what has happened in the few weeks or so.

First of all, I’d like to extend my biggest THANK YOU to Mr Herman of because he gave me RM100 for free a few weeks back.  You could read the details on how I got the RM100 here, but don’t ask me to belanja coz I’ve spent the money on tickets to the Rain-fest… heheheheh.. So, to Herman, you officially sponsored my trip to the Rain-fest this year =D  Thank you bro!

Okay, I’m slacking in my updates on my blog lately. I know. As pissed as I am about my inability to fill my precious blog as regular as before, I have lots of other stupid important things to do lately. Stuff I do not enjoy, but I have to do. If I don’t do it, I’d get scolded… So, bear with me on this.  After all, who wants to read crap I write anyway?  I always wonder whether anyone gives a damn about what I write here, and I always wonder whether what I write is actually interesting to you guys.  At some point, I do simply find my post dead boring, but like Ladybird says, I have a passion, and it is blogging.  And so, despite my skepticism on the ‘addictiveness’ of my blog, I continue to crowd the world wide web with spoils of my life.

Work… so much to say, and do… but I’ll just say this one thing only: “Is there any point of attending a meeting which already has a conclusion pre-determined, especially when it will last for a good 3 hours?” Seriously, someone… please answer me.

Well, moving on… remember my post on the “No budget logo competition” sometime ago?  Well, the logo is finally out (sometime ago actually… haha just no time to blog about it), and I asked Syuxx to help me re-design the whole thing using Photoshop (since I suck anyway at Photoshop).  Gave him a token of appreciation, and I can say the logo is fantastic!  Check it out below:

MJROBOTICS Official Logo

Sumuk reminded me on my post about moving houses a few weeks ago.  Well, its already close to 2 months, and I haven’t moved out of my old dump.  I keep calling the contractor, week after week… and all he says is “Saya tau.. saya tau.. SESCO sekarang susah, SESCO memang ini macam“….

The hot sun nowadays

I’m already like F&%&-ing piss with this guy!!  It’s freaking hot nowadays, the haze is getting worst, and I can’t wait to fix my very first aircond and water heater..and ASTRO!!!  If you are wondering why I’m so patient with this guy… I swear, if I had options, I’d pack my bags, and move out… but I have no options.  Scolding him will only delay everything even further, and maybe get me myself into more trouble.  Imagine this: It took me over 3 months to get approval to move (inclusive of lots of interference in my private life by those whom should not even be bothered about my private life), another month to re-connect this and that, and all the documentations proper, and now.. this last thing is dragging its feet for another two months!! I honestly feel like screamingI don’t want anymore f&#$-ing delays!!” in the contractors ears, but hell… what good will that do?

Presenting the certificate and medal

Ahh.. yeah… yesterday I visited one of my ‘buddies’ whom suffers from Leukemia to present him with his award for being part of the team which had represented the school in the Robotics competition sometime ago. Wanted to go there last week, but I was home-quarantined, so I had to delay it till this week. He looked healthy, but with his newly acquired bald-ness, he looked like the Malaysian version of Lex Luthor in Smallville.

Today, I’ll be catching a movie and most probably find myself at the beach in the evening.  I have a few more plans coming up, but it all depends on so much things…like they say.. “We plan, God decides…

One more thing… TGIF, and TGIPD….. ( Try and guess what that means, esspecially the second one=D )


  1. What PD? Port Dickson? Hahah it’s the only one i could think of, but not logical. ;p

    Hahaha… Chegu already got the answer.. Pay Day la M. How can’t you remember about pay day??? ;D

  2. About the moving out thing,… I lost the excitement already… happy for you!!! and for us… but yeah, waited too long… almost two months… so, the happy thing to pindah already hilang… 🙂

    By the way, like what you write even how crap it is… keep it up!!! =P

    Hahhaa… yesssss dear… I’ll keep it up =p

  3. Ladybird is right! I wish I had even half your passion, because when it comes to updating, I’m the worse blogger ever. Lol. Even my gf scold me for not updating often.

    But yeah..think of it this way, if you already have an audience, it’s a sign that you’re good enough already. Maybe your own fan-base sometime in the future? Celebrity blogger, Cyril Dason? Hohoho. 🙂

    Celebrity blogger? I don’t think I can reach that point bro. As for fans, skeptical la…

  4. dont stop blogging man…keep all d gud work. hidup blogger ha…ha…

    No plans to stop… but have to slow down. Too much work at the moment.

  5. Btw, if the contractor can’t meet the deadline, I hear you can sue for compensation – they must pay you a certain amount of money every month. Gosh! Poor buddy of urs…I hope he’ll be fine soon…

    Too bad really, I can’t sue him coz he is not contracted by me, but rather an organisation. All I can do is wait…

  6. Hello, cyril…I’ve seen you around a lot in other people’s blogs… Can’t remember whether I’ve dropped by before or not, but browsing through just now, I saw your name – “cyril dason”. Are your the son of someone I know?Gosh, if you are, it really is a small world, after all! Cheers!

    To your questions.. yes…I am.. how small can this world be =P Anyway, I’m a small time blogger, but I think we have the same blogs we read, so that makes me seem like everywhere…Cheers to you to bro!!

  7. “First of all, I’d like to extend my biggest THANK YOU to Mr Herman of because he gave me RM100 for free a few weeks back.”
    [headsteadi] Thanks to you for being one of my most loyal follower/reader.

    “After all, who wants to read crap I write anyway?”
    [headsteadi] I find your crap writing interesting. So keep writing the craps. Hehehe …

    “Wanted to go there last week, but I was home-quarantined, so I had to delay it till this week.”
    [headsteadi] So, it’s confirmed not the “oyuok” flu?

    Thanks for reading my crap bro =D And yes.. confirmed not the ‘Oyuok’ flu.. Thank God!

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