The reliable hosting company – Where I host my blogs


Often, people come and ask me what company would I recommend to host a website or their blog, so in order to save everyone the trouble, I give you the company I’m using from 2016 onwards: MyDuniaHosting

I actually found MyDuniaHosting by chance after this incident. ¬†Ironically, the hosting company I was with then, tried to persuade me to stick with them by comparing their prices, but since I was generally not happy with their customer service after a month, it wasn’t something I’d consider anymore.

MyDuniaHosting has been one of the best hosting companies for me since I’ve signed up for with them. My site is hardly down, and I am kept informed about any upgrades or glitches.

I’ve been almost two years with them, and I have already had 26 support tickets issued to MyDuniaHosting, and it’s not because they suck. It’s rather because they are very helpful, and hence why I’ve started moving all my sites and blogs under them. The 26 support tickets are about inquiries about how to do stuff, rather of complaining about stuff. Each support ticket is replied with a helpful answer, rather than some others who just say “Owh sorry, that’s not our responsibility”. ¬†– Told you they are helpful.

So, there you go guys. If you want to know mor about this hosting company go to MyDuniaHosting at


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