MyDuniaHosting Review: This is probably Malaysia’s most reliable hosting company


This is a personal blog post that dubs as a MyDuniaHosting Review.

I decided to do, and update this blog post accordingly after experiencing first hand how it is to host my domains and blogs under MyDuniaHosting. The innitial post was written in July 2017, but I’ve updated it on 28th June 2018.

MyDuniaHosting is the fourth hosting company I’ve used so far.  Some of the former ones I used we’re bad, but they were starting to get expensive.

However, that wasn’t the reason why I jumped to MyDuniaHosting.


I migrated to MyDuniaHosting in 2017 after I was disappointed in the services rendered by one of Malaysia’s most prominent hosting companies.

I figure a huge well known company would have more resources and abilities to please me, but that wasn’t the case.

With the former company, I lasted less than a month as my blog started to have intermittent connection problems.

These problems went unresolved despite the customer service representatives trying to solve them.

At some point, I was found the problem solved, only to have it return a couple of days later. It was a horrible experience.

That’s when I started Googling for options, and MyDuniaHosting was the webhosting company I found.

You see, in terms of pricing, they were cheap. They weren’t dirt cheap, but cheap enough to get me interested.

Pricing aside, the sales and technical team of MyDuniaHosting gave me a good impression of the team behind MyDuniaHosting.

It was through my inquiries that the team of Faizal and Zulhairi started advising me on what hosting stats I should have to avoid disruption.

Eventually, I jumped onto MyDuniaHosting and migrated all my sites to them as they proved to be very efficient and helpful.


The first month with MyDuniaHosting wasn’t smooth sailing as there were hick-ups here and there. At that point, I had only moved two domains to them because I was still unsure if they were really up to it.

However, both Zulhairi and Faizal attended to my inquiries without fail.  They even made suggestions and improvements to my server to ensure whatever problems I had went away, at no additional cost.

At this time, I was subscribed to their Smart VPS server, and was paying around RM119/month. This hosting plan meant that I had full control over my server, so I was configuring everything.

The Smart VPS plans

The only issue for me was that the server was using Plesk, which is a system software I am not so familiar with. I know peanuts about Plesk and messed up the server and my blog a lot of times.

Thankfully Zulhairi and Faizal were keen to help, and they even came out with a custom ‘How To’ guide based on my server.  I know for a fact some other hosting companies would have said “it wasn’t their problem”, but Zulhairi and Faizal didn’t.

The guide was simple and accurate, and it wasn’t one of those general FAQs or general links. It was a personal pdf guide with photos taken from the inside of my server! Talk about custom made!

The custom made pdf guide was also without any extra charge.

There were several other instances where they ‘took care’ of problems which were self caused by me without charging extra as well.


As months went by, the level of service they offered me never dwindled and I continued to enjoy a fantastic relationship with the duo.

The relationship was so good that I started migrating all my other sites to them.

I also brought over clients sites and hosted it with them as it was easier for me to deal with them.


I am lucky I found MyDuniaHosting because it is not easy to find a Malaysian hosting company willing to go all out for their customers.

Since 2016, they had retained their service standards and I am very pleased with their services until this very day.

That said, MyDuniaHosting is currently my most trusted hosting company in Malaysia, and I highly recommend them to you.

So if you are looking for a reliable Malaysian hosting company, try them.


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