Cheapest way to watch EPL in Malaysia

When it comes to the English Premier League (EPL), the cheapest way to watch EPL is always sought after.

Likewise, here in Malaysia, I figured that I needed to find a way to watch the EPL after I terminated ASTRO.

This is where I stumbled upon this method which I think is the cheapest way to watch EPL in Malaysia.


You see, with the rise of streaming services in Malaysia, the need to have movies and TV series on ASTRO, which is the most popular cable/satellite TV in Malaysia has dwindled.

This is because it is more convenient and cheaper to watch movies and TV series using streaming apps like Netflix, iFlix or VIU these days.

VIU in particular has a lot of Korean dramas, if you are into those things, like I am. I have a good list of dramas I’ve watched here.

Anyway, with VIU going for as low as RM12.90 a month, it makes more sense to get VIU to watch movies and dramas.

VIU cost for a month

This is opposed to spending RM61+ for ASTRO’s basic (starter) packages which comes without sports.

ASTRO packages and their prices

So, if I wanted to get ASTRO’s basic channel with sports (EPL), then ASTRO is offering their starter pack with Sports at just RM84.32 as you can see below.

Promotion for new sign – ups on ASTRO

This is still a lot for me considering that I only want to watch the EPL, and hence why I sought for the cheapest way to watch EPL in Malaysia.


This is where I found about ASTRO NJOI.

Yes, it’s still ASTRO’s service, but its considered a prepaid service.

With NJOI, you need to pay about RM399 up-front once, and then you get to enjoy 48 channels for life – as long as you watch the channel (or keep the decoder on).  The price gets cheaper by RM100 if you are an existing ASTRO customer owning a functional ASTRO decoder and satellite dish.

After paying for RM299, ASTRO will just change your subscription from their premium ASTRO pack to the NJOI pack.

Therefore, I pay zero monthly installments for the 48 channels.

However, the 48 channels do not include any EPL shows or live matches.

This is where I need to subscribe to the EPL packages which are available from RM7 on NJOI.

Based on the description of each sports channel, only two channels show the live matches of EPL.

Cheapest way to watch EPL
Sports option on ASTRO NJOI

They are the ASTRO Supersports and ASTRO Supersports 2.  ASTRO SUpersports 3 shows highlights of the game which aren’t important to me because there’s Youtube.

Both ASTRO Supersports and Supersports 2 channels cost RM7 for 3 days, and RM20 for a good 30 days.

Cheapest way to watch EPL
How much the channels cost.

Assuming that I subscribed to both channels on a monthly basis, I’d be paying RM40 (without tax) for the EPL, hence making it the cheapest way to watch EPL at the moment.

If I added that cost (RM40) with a month subscription of VIU, I’d only be paying RM52.90 a month, which is so much cheaper than getting the basic ASTRO package!

It is ever cheaper if I compared it to the ASTRO Basic + Sports!

And there’s more, NJOI just recently added a special EPL promo to include three channels for just RM45/month, hence making it even cheaper to watch the EPL.

The left poster showing the EPL pack at RM45/month

The new promo will allowed me to enjoy three EPL showing channels for just RM45/month, so it is quite a deal.


So there you have it – how I got the cheapest way to watch the EPL in Malaysia using legal means.

I know, there’s plenty of illegal ways which are cheaper to get the EPL, but I prefer this legal means which not only saves me money, but also saves me the heartache of having lagging broadcast.

I do hope my brief sharing helps. Cheers!




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