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Watched two Jackie Chan movies. Despite the years that passed, his movies remain fantastic. Also finished my final touches on a project I’ve been working on for the past week, and I can say I am satisfied with its final outcome. You can check it out in a few days once it goes online here.

Its Chinese New Year once more, and this year belongs to the Ox.

Yeap… the animal which is big, and nasty.. the Ox.

Anyway, unlike Hari Raya, Christmas, Gawai or any other celebration… you don’t get free food on the first day of Chinese New Year…. unless you are close relatives to the celebrant.  It’s not because the Chinese are ‘lokek’ or ‘haji bakhil’ or stingy… Nope. You should not have that misconception.

It’s rather because, Chinese put their families first.  So, they treat their families before they treat others.  It’s not a bad thing, and I think it’s a very good thing for this to happen.  It should be practiced by most of us… and if you are a Catholic, you’d know how the church is pressing for ‘families’.

You will however get free food maybe on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th day of New Year…. and rest to be assured, they will ensure you leave with a ‘full tank’.

Anyway, I’m way too old for any Angpao… but I’ll be visiting a few houses this New Year.

Happy New Year to all… May you live a healthy and prosporous life!!


  1. Enjoy the new year bro! You’re never too old to get ang pow as long as you’re not married. :p

    My uncle who is 35 still getting his ang pows. Hahahha.

    REALLY??? Well… If close relatives, I’m sure it would be okay.. but if just friends.. it’s a different story.. but yeah.. I just love the free food. Sometimes become judgmental over what’s served.. and which has yummier food.

  2. We’re not big and nasty! Moo! Mooooo!

    Happy Moo Year and hope you get some ang paos. Make a point to tell everyone you’re not single, but you’re not married yet so you’re entitled to your ang pao. Hahaha.

    Hahaha.. yahhh.. Maybe I’d heed your advice to get some angpaos.. hehe

  3. hi!happy holidays!i’ve just got back from sibu few days ago. i’ve read ur previous post..really interesting, i meant ur writtings and contents. Bout the flirting ppl’s gf, if i meet this kind of guy, i’ll surely scold him in public. no point being a ‘nice guy’ with those jerks!!

    Different people got different ways to handle things… and thanks for your compliment Yolk. I enjoy reading your blog for the comics. HONEST!!

  4. “It’s not because the Chinese are ‘lokek’ or ‘haji bakhil’ or stingy… Nope. You should not have that misconception.”

    ur telling us or urself? Haha. I take it, u didnt get that much this year did u? lol.

    Never get anything during New Year… and I don’t mind at all 😀 I’m part Chinese.. hehehe.. so should be telling you guys 😛

  5. ooo so i am the family of this one chinese family lah…because they served me heavy food.

    Well, kira-nyalah… or you are close? hahhaa.. it’s just my poor understanding of their culture. I mean, 1st day (as I know) is for relatives and family members.. but yeah, some do open house earlier after that is all done.

  6. Happy Chinese Niu Year! 7th day of CNY already baru I wish you. It’s never too late la hor? Still CNY anyway. Hahhaa..

    Nevermind.. its the thought that counts. Plus, i’m sure you got me something from Jakarta?? hehehe


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