Went to a Chinese Physician in Kuching to heal my arm

Today I decided to go meet a Chinese Physician in Kuching.

He came highly recommend by my colleague after I told her about the pain in my arm.

If you don’t follow me on social media, specifically Facebook, well, my right arm has been annoying me for weeks. Sometimes, there’s pain when I steer the steering wheel while driving, and at other times, it just gets annoyingly uncomfortable to use.

The pain isn’t sharp, but the discomfort is real.

Yesterday, my girl aggravated the pain when she wanted me to hold her for almost half an hour. Her weight put a toll on my right arm, and using a mouse was pretty discomforting after carrying her.

I’ve tried getting the arm massaged, but nothing changed, aside from blue-ish bruises I have to show off from what the masseuse claims to be her effort of removing ‘air’ from my body.

That said, after long delaying a meeting with this Chinese Physician in Kuching, I decided to heed my colleagues advice to seek help from him despite the fact that my wife did suggest I visit a doctor for an X-Ray, which would be my last resort because I believe that this sudden pain is largely due to a misaligned nerve or something. In Malay, they say ‘Salah urat’.

Anyway, called the Chinese Physician in Kuching up, and made my way to his place which was in the middle of town.

When I reached, there was only one lazy there, and this old smart looking man, which eventually introduced himself as Mr Lee.

Chinese Physician in Kuching: He massage a few places for 15 minutes
He massage a few places for 15 minutes

After the brief introduction, he asked me to open my shirt, and started to do some pinching and rubbing on both my arms and shoulder.

He did it for like 15 minutes while talking about his previous clients which included some huge names in Sarawak like the late Adenan Satem, Taib Mahmud, Tun Salehhuddin, and so on.

Generally, it was an interesting session although his pinches were quite painful.

At the end of the whole ‘procedure’, he told me not to do three things for the next 24-hours, namely not to eat egg, eat meat and drink cold water. He also asked me not to bath for the next 24-hours, which umph.. I didn’t heed because I couldn’t stand the smell of the medicine he rubbed on my back.

Anyway, fast forward a couple of hours later, the pain has surprisingly decreased and I can now scratch my back!  There is still slight discomfort, but being able to put my arms behind my back is huge improvement from yesterday, or even a week ago!

If you are wondering how much he charged, well, he goes by the term ‘seikhlas hati’, which is a method I really dislike because I don’t know how much is ‘just nice’.

However, considering today’s expenses, and also the fact that going to a doctor would also easily cost RM50 without even assurance of improvement, I gave him a sum I felt was worth it although some may say it’s a lot.

Well, that’s about my trip to this Chinese Physician in Kuching. If you want his number, buzz me on Facebook.

p/s: The pain in my shoulder eventually went away after I went for a massage. Details can be read about my experience doing Bekam.

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