Christmas ‘Pogang’

Christmas was busy this year, but before I go further, I have to thank Ben for making this Christmas very much different from the other Christmas I’ve had.  I guess, the comic by Eggyork above sums who is Ben, managing director of Minex Jewellery, for most of us bloggers’ this year.  He’s sort of Santa to us this year.  Those whom didn’t get any jewellery from Ben.. ahh.. You’ve been bad!! hahahaha

So, I missed the big finals for the treasure hunt last 24th.  I was home at my kampung in Bau on the 23rd, and I only returned home that night to know that Eggyork won 3 diamonds from this treasure hunt!  Talk about luck!  Well, family comes first, money comes later they say…

Christmas was usual back in my village, and grandma was busy making her ‘pogang‘ or they call it ‘lemang‘ in Malay.  I camwhored through my stay at my village, and I actually caught a few decent photo’s and the ones featured here are of the ‘pogang‘ in making.  For those unfamiliar to the Bidayuh ways, well, ‘pogang‘ is a must during any occasion.  It’s like tea for Chinese, maruku for the Indians, or ketupat for the malays.  In other words, its traditional.

The making of ‘pogang‘ is actually quite simple, but it takes years of experience to produce a quality one.  Too much coconut milk (santan) would see the ‘pogang‘ being soft and soggy, while lack of experience in handling the cooking of the ‘pogang’ would see your bamboo catching fire.  I’m not being all ‘smart-ass’ on this, but that’s what gandma said.  I only know how to eat this delicious dish actually *Wink*

Since most of my uncles, cousins and unties were back on the 24th, so the 24th was the grand day for us.  I spent the 25th by visiting relatives and colleages.  I managed to romp 5 houses this Christmas, but failed to make it to Matthew’s house, so I guess I’d have to put his house for next Christmas, or Gawai.

I guess this is a quick post, as I am quite busy preparing for the new school term which falls in 7 days.  Wish the holidays was longer, but yeahh.. A year will soon be gone, and a new year will emerge.  Crossing my fingers for a wonderful new year, but honestly.. I don’t know what to do on new year’s eve.  Any suggestions?

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