I’m so into CHUCK now, that everything I say has something related to CHUCK. I’m hugely rooting that Chuck and Sarah will be together. I think, of all TV shows I’ve seen in ages… they are the one couple I’d really like to have ‘a happily ever after’ ending. Yep, it’s that bad. Latest episode I’ve seen S3E7 shows that Chuck is going for Hannah (played by Kristin Kreuk), and Sarah is opening her heart to Shaw (played by Brandon Routh).

Not that Kristin Kreuk is not hot, but if you follow CHUCK as religious as I am, you’d know that Sarah is the girl for Chuck, not some gay like Superman. hehehe… Okay, I am getting emotional over a fictional series, but yeah… the romance (non-existent romance) they have is really something. If you look at how Sarah looks at Chuck, and how she silently hides her feeling… You’d might go “AAaawww…

CHUCK isn’t a series which is full of complicated quotes or events, but you need to pay serious attention to the relationship between Chuck and Sarah to really get a hang of it.  The Chuck-Sarah relationship is the ‘main event’ of the show, and that is probably why the directors of the show have chosen to make it complicated for them to be together. As a matter of fact, there is a quote which goes “Spies do not fall in love“, and that quote kind of sucks if you are rooting for this couple to be together.  You can check out this guys blog. I agree on his point number two which is “Fixing Sarah and Chuck

Anyway, Chuck is labeled as a nerd, altough I do not see that he is a total nerd at all.  However, Chuck is surrounded by colleagues whom are sort of like loosers whom drool over any girl that comes by the place they work (The BUY MORE) every now and then.  Not only that, these guys give the whole series something to smile about.  it is in fact a decent mix.

Nonetheless, with Agent Sarah Walker, (whom by the way is living proof that blond-ies are super hawt) slowly falling for Chuck’s humble personality and nerdly-ness… It does somehow spell HOPE for those whom are considered nerds (either by themselves or by other people, and not that I have anything against nerds).

But who am I kidding? If you take a good look around, Nerds ALWAYS get the hawt girlTrue kan?

p/s… ‘CHUCKyfied’ as a title kind of reminds me of Chucky, the evil doll… remember that movie?


  1. Do you know why I love this sitcom? It is because of Sarah’s super hot body. Nyummy…fingers licking good. Hahaha

    I’m in all agreement about Sarah Walker.. Agent Sarah Walker :PPP

  2. Chuck is actually sexy hunk. take off his shirt and u know what i mean. 🙂 sarah is kinda out of his league, and yet they still mesh well together. *gigi sarah ya cute*

    Gigi Sarah jak cute?? Ya ajak? Hahaha.. well, Yes, Chuck is really muscular. He buffed up in season 3 ya know. Lagi mancho.. but his ‘nerd-ness’ also left him.

  3. hi,,best dpt jumpa religious chuck fan kat sini…suka gile series ni,but sadly season 5 is the last season..suka the end season 4 mrs sarah bartowski and mr chuck bartowski


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