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Chuwi Surbook tips & tricks: Print screen & back-lit keyboard

This Chuwi Surbook Tips post shares about two things I’ve learned about thie Microsoft Surface alternative.

allows I’m sure some of you may already be getting bored I’m talking way too much about the Chuwi Surbook I’ve just got.  You can also buy yours at Chuwi’s online store on Lazada Malaysia.

Just hang on yeah, I promise I’ll be done once I come up with a full review soon.

Anyway, I’ve had the Surbook for a week now, and I’m still figuring things out, and getting used to how it works. While the Surbook isn’t exactly far from my Asus laptop in terms of function, the Surbook is more compact so I do need to get accustomed to how to operate it.

For the past week, I’ve been trying to use the supplied Hi13 Pen (the pen provided to use the Surbook), and yesterday, I finally gave up, preferring a mouse as a replacement instead. The change, though small, reflected massively on how I use the Surbook as its now more comfortable to do work, feeling more like a laptop.

But anyway, let’s not swayed away from the topic at hand here.


As a blogger, there’s always a need to print screen things from my laptop screen, hence the important ‘Print Screen’ tab on the keyboard.

The Chuwi Surbook doesn’t have such key, so I had to figure out how I could do so and today I found out how, and it involves the pressing three buttons on the keyboard as seen below.

Chuwi Surbook Tips: Buttons to press to do print screen
The three buttons which must be pressed to Snip, or print screen.

If you still can’t do it, make sure you press the Windows button first, and add it with the Shift and ‘S’ letter.  I know pressing the Windows key may result in the start menu to pop out, but there’s a delay of a few seconds, so you have time to select the other two keys before the menu appears.

Once you have selected it correctly, you can snip any part of your computer screen as seen below.

Snip section
Once you press the Win+Shift+S button, you can select what you want to snipe.

After you have chosen which part of your screen you’d like to get, then paste it on your favourite graphic software, in my case, Adobe Fireworks as you can see below.

Results of Surbook Print Screen
Results of Surbook Print Screen put on Fireworks

I know, the process is a bit complicated, but well, it works.


The Chuwi Surbook uses a lot of short cuts, trying their best to imitate what the Microsoft Surface has to offer.  There’s good and bad of that.  The good is that you work faster once you know the shortcuts, but the bad is that you can get clueless like how I was when I fist got the Surbook.

Anyway, Chuwi promised that the detachable keyboard has back-lit option, but you will not get such light when powering your Surbook making those not knowing how to activate it think Chuwi short-changed them.

The back-lit option can be activated by pressing the Fn+Del keys together as you can see below.

Activate keyboard back-lit
You need to press the Fn + Del key to light the back-light on the Chuwi Surbook keyboard

Now, if you like having your keyboard lighted, you have to activate this key every single time you start your Surbook.

Good luck trying MY Chuwi Surbook Tips!

p/s: You can get the Chuwi Surbook, as well as other chuwi related products at the official Chuwi Malaysia Online Store if you are interested.

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