Coffee With Dr Sam Of Bosnia [Live Blogging]


Hi guys.. trying this out.. Doing live blogging from Starbucks,The Spring, Kuching with Dr. Sam, founder of the Bosnian Pyramids.  Refresh to get the latest updates.

8:45pm- Anna asked a question about pyramids; whether its as exciting as in the movies like Indiana Jones.
Dr Sam said they have discovered the pyramids due to its shape, and it is exciting and that he will be doing the discovery for a long long time.

8:53pm – Fahriee asked when he discovered the pyramids.
Dr Sam said he discovered it in 2005. Now saying he is standing on top of the pyramid in April 2005, and knew it was a pyramid based on his experience in other pyramids.

9:00pm – I asked about who named the pyramids.
Dr Sam aid that the pyramids are named Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnia Pyramid of the Moon, the Dragon Pyramid, and the Pyramid of the Love.

9:02pm – Asked about the biggest pyramid
Dr Sam said that the biggest is the Bosnian pyramid, and its getting smaller. It is all a complete complex.

9:04pm – Fahriee asked about the challenge. Hoe he feels.
Dr Sam, said he’s happy with the challenges. Now explaining of pyramid properties like concrete.
He is now explaining about how he has a business in Houstan, and his pyramid project is funded by donations.
Explaining that he has made this summer camp programme, and volunteers are pulled in. Malaysia so far has tourist coming in, and he is hoping the blogging community can actually help in promoting volunteers in Malaysia. He also hoped that the ministry of tourism could help fund his trips for promotion as they will be provide everything shall a volunteer come to discover the pyramids.

915pm – Fahriee asked about the founding of a perfect sphere.
Can’t get what he mentioned about the sphere, but he is now explaining about the energy flow in the pyramids. He believes that pyramids where there to improve human relationship.

923pm – Anna ask about a curse if the pyramids are open.
Dr Sam doesn’t believe there is. He said that they might find chambers, rooms, and a lot of secrets about the pyramids. He also said that pyramid are interconnected and is well planned.

930pm – Asked about whether there is a Mrs Indiana Jones
He told us about a story of a lone female journalist whom was willing to write about a story about the pyramids, and how he fell in love with the journalist whom believed in his work, and now is his beautiful wife Savina. He even said that he wants their baby to be born in Malaysia because they love Malaysia. *wow!!*

934pm – Perception about aliens built the pyramids?
There is a possibility of anyone/any being to built that pyramids. No proof to deny anything and Dr Sam said we should be open on it. We must be willing to learn to have hope.

9:40pm – Not sure what Anna asked, but it has something to do with ice age and Armageddon.

9:42pm – Didn’t get what was asked.. huhuhuh…. =(

9:46pm – Now, Dr Sam is explaining about the Maya’s intelligence and how they understood the milky way.

1002pm – Amiey borrows laptop.. can’t update.. but for the past hour, he was explain about about gaining knowledge and its value.  He was also explaining about how he does have a website, but he doesn’t blog.  Anna asked about any body actually claims the pyramids, and Dr Sam said it does happen.

1004 – Starbucks closing shutters.. Dr Sam says… ‘Thank You” as talks are ending =(

Better updates will come soon. =)


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