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I’m officially counting the days to new year.  No.  I’m not looking forward about it. I always say I have not been looking forward to this coming 2009.  If I could change time, I would.  Better still, if I could do the Hiro Nakamura, and go on saying “YATTTAAAA!!!!!” at the end of every journey.  Bullshit.  It’s impossible, and it’s never gonna happen.  I might as well enjoy that KFC+Cocacola, which is something I find really delightful these few days.

I’m working on something important these few days. Hopefully, when I’m done with ‘this important’ project, I’d be richer by RM300 or more.  I have planned a few outings, but these few days have seen Kuching being very very wet.  It’s been raining really damn heavily that everyday seems like a lazy day.  With strong winds accompanying the heavy rain, there is nothing much to do, but stay indoors, watching the movies I’ve downloaded.  Money is an issue, so less outings involving money.  The weather is really awful…  just hope there wouldn’t be any flood occurring anytime soon.

As usual, I went to check out the year end PC Fair at Permata Carpark, and as usual, the pendrive/thumbdrive prices were lower than the last time Kuching had a PC Fair.  I’ve already got 6 thumbdrives… so, no point on adding any new ones.  Nothing was really exceptional at this fair.  I noticed that it wasn’t ‘that’ grand.  Even the booths were manned by ordinary looking promoters.

No Canon girls, Kingston babes or whatsoever.  Nothing interesting.  I guess, the only thing that caught my eye, and was worth a photograph was the ‘Ink-Cartridge Robot’ below.  it was Lame..lame… LAME!!!

I guess, the one thing really significant this week was the fact that I got myself a vacuum cleaner, and a washing machine.  Yeah… after months of dwelling over buying a washing machine, I finally got it.  Bought and paid for it on the 4th of December, but it was delivered a day later.  I guess, I thought using it was simple and easy… but I was darn wrong.

I actually struggled to set how much water I needed into the machine, and i couldn’t figure out how to start the whole ‘washing process’.  Using the vacuum cleaner was also a challenge.  Damn I hate house work.  If only someone could do all this for me, for FREE… hehehe….

Ahh… friend of mine YM-ed me today.  He was actually sending his wedding reception invitation via YM, and I replied him… We ended YM-ing each other, and he was talking about quitting his job, and staying put.  He was talking about how difficult long distance relationship can be, as his wife is quite far from him.  This sentence popped out at some point; “It’s not that I don’t trust my wife, but I don’t trust the guys around her“…and I guess it is kind of ironic as I heard someone saying the same similar words to sometime ago..

Ahhh… Come to think of it, I guess most guys worry about their loved ones when they aren’t there to see what’s going on.. and sometimes, I guess, it’s really not that we don’t trust the person we love, but being a guy, we know how other guys think, and well, I guess we just can’t simply trust other guys…

Anyway, most of the time, we guys would get the blame for being jealous over nothing, acting childish and not giving them enough trust, when the truth is that we just care too much to bother to protect them. *HUGE SIGH*


  1. Wah, blog baru kah cdason ..
    Kacak gambar ya
    Bila maok angkat DSLR
    Jangan alang2, D3x terus muahaha


    bukan juak blog baru… cuma outlay baru 😀 Sik mampu ngan DSLR. lagipun, berat mok embak DSLR.. hehehe..

  2. First of all, nice photo of coke and the robot inks are unique. Kuching has been wet for quite some time, and i go out less. But that doesn’t mean i spend less money, because when it’s wet, i tend to buy more fresh food to be cooked at home and buy VCDs to watch at home. Not to mention, my electricity bill will increase as i only stayed at home till late at night.

    willie’s last blog post..Annoying SMS

    You got a point there. and thanks for the compliment of the photo. Hope to catch more wonderful shots!! And I’m hoping Kuching will not be that wet. It sucks being indoors!

  3. LDR doesnt work with me either. It’s partly trust and partly all the other things ur missing out on as a couple and in time if u dont fix it, it’ll all be killed. Worst, if ur down or sick, who’s gonna pamper u?

    hey, love KFC+coke too! (except KFC serves only Pepsi, and it’s diluted)

    One other’s last blog post..All fall down…

    Ahhh.. yeah.. KFC serves Pepsi.. What a bummer. ALways loved Coke than Pepsi.

  4. it doesn’t make sense.’ It’s not that I don’t trust my wife, but I don’t trust the guys around her’. maybe thats just an excuse..

    if u really love ur wife and ur wife really loves u, u or her won’t fall in love to other person..

    sorry, but thats the truth..

    Everybody has their own opinion. No one is wrong. Cheers!!

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