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Not sure what came over me, but I suddenly had the urge to check out what’s the whole fuss over the Proton P3-21A, which is also said to most probably be called Proton Espire.

The name is lovely, that I have to say: Espire. Say it fast enough, and you have the Malay version: Inspira =P

Anyway, here’s the silver version covered by an unidentified man. Photo taken from

First of all, it looks amazing in silver. Spotted the blue-ish one somewhere online but it didn’t look that great.

The unconfirmed car specs are as listed below.


  • Auto fold/unfold side mirror
  • Auto Off Rear Demister
  • Follow Home Lamp
  • Headlamp Warning Buzzer
  • Trunk Remote Release
  • Front & Rear Socket 12V at both front and rear seats
  • Utility Hook
  • Low Rear Hump
  • Front & Rear Fog Lamp
  • Anti-Trap Power Window – Driver side only
  • Seat Material – Water repellent Fabric<–very soft material
  • Smart Info Display (SID) – Mempunyai 3 bacaan kilometer, Trip A, Trip B dan Trip C. Terdapat pelbagai lagi maklumat seperti memberi amaran jika bateri pada kunci lemah dan lain-lain
  • Autolock & Advance Lock System
  • Magnesium Inside Door Handle
  • Keyless Entry
  • BOSCH Head-Unit – 2-Din, Touch Screen Monitor, Navigator, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, MP3
  • YES WiFi Modem – In-car Internet with P4
  • S-Mode (Sport) – S-Mode will increase the RPM as much as 1,000 for aggressive driving
  • BCM – Body Control Module


  • 4 Wheel ABS & EBD with 4 Wheel Disc Brake
  • TC (Traction Control)
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
  • BA (Braking Assist)
  • 4 Airbags
  • 5 STARS Australia NCAP approved<– similar to Honda City and Toyota Vios


  • Length = 4.543m
  • Width = 1.786m
  • Height = 1.524m


  • Boot Space: 508 litre
  • Turning Radius: 5.3 meters
  • Full Tank Capacity: 50 liter
  • Aerodynamic (Rintangan Angin): CD Factor = 0.30


  • 1.6L CFE with 7-speed Pro-Tronic CVT3 (VVT) – 205Nm @ 2,000rpm ; 140PS
  • Acceleration 0-100km/h: 9.6 seconds


  • Executive MT, 1.6 IAFM+ 5-Speed MT
  • Executive CVT, 1.6 IAFM+ 6-Speed CVT
  • Premuim CVT, 1.6 CFE 7-Speed CVT


  • Solid White
  • Tranquility Black
  • Genetic Silver
  • Fire Red
  • Blue Lagoon

Again, let me stress that the details above are not confirmed, and more explanation can be found here.  I’m not a very technical person when it comes to cars, so let’s just say the specs look good to me as I expect the car to be around RM70-80K.

The car I understand is better than Forte, Vios, City and the rest in it’s range with notable parts such as boot space and size being evident.  I’d expect that from Proton nowadays considering Proton is making it a trend to take the best of each popular cars, and putting in theirs.  On top of that the acceleration of the car from 0-100km/h is a mere 9.6 seconds, way better than Proton Saga’s timing.

Sceptics I believe would raise an eye brow, but if the car is proven to be good, they’d end up getting one themselves.

Well, enough of that, and lets wait for the official launching which I heard is very very soon.  Meanwhile, with such teasers, anyone planning to get one? I’m still in love with my Saga. =)

(Photos owned by their respective watermark)

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