PROTON Car Review: Most Reliable?

In recent days, I have found myself looking up for a reliable Proton car review.

Ever since my new SAGA has arrived, I keep tabs on new PROTON cars, as well as it’s close rival PERODUA.  I’m not interested to know about those ‘nationalist’ reviews which are made by my fellow Malaysians, which would be somewhat emotionally ‘patriotic’ when  supporting the national car maker, or sometimes painfully hurtful when accusing PROTON of every single problem which is car related.

No.. I am not interested with Malaysian reviews, but I’m rather interested in reviews outside Malaysia which I consider to be truthful, unbiased and well, not personally linked to Malaysia. (Yet, I do admit that some Malaysians do review the national car without prejudice).

I guess, most of those into the auto industry would know about how Jeremy Clarkson single handedly destroyed (or practically sledgehammered, and bombed) a Perodua Kelisa, while mocking it as ‘a car without a soul’, and yes… most of us would not expect favourable comments on our national car despite positive comments from local press.  Its common to see the Malaysian press highlighting positive things about Malaysian products.  It’s our ‘eastern culture’ to be nice.  So no matter how bad the car is, they would always have something nice to say.

Anyway, I’m not here to give my personal views on the car, or PROTON, but if you want to know how my SAGA has fared after a year of usage, you can click here.  Other than that, I stumbled upon this article which says that PROTON is ranked number 1 in the United Kingdom as the most reliable car, ahead of makes by Toyota, BMW, Mazda, Honda and others.

The article says that “the much mocked Proton has had the last laugh in a survey of reliability.”  In fact, the article also said that the Malaysian car maker is more reliable if compared to a Mercedes-Benz!


Well… I am.  As a typical Malaysian, I can’t help feel that the article was some how rigged to make PROTON look good, and I am guessing that most of you would also think in the same sense, as we have nothing but distrust over a car brand which has shown so much fault in previous designs… Nonetheless, PROTON and PERODUA have both gone a long way, and I have a good feeling that most owners of the newer version of cars from both auto makers would agree that they are starting to produce cars, the right way.

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