Proton Saga Review

Changed my road tax today.  Yup.  She is 1 year old.  She still retains her normal body shape, and is as sexy as ever, despite her new ass, which had to be replaced after an Toyota Estima kissed it a few months ago.

So what if Proton decided to unveil the Proton Exora’s name?  An MPV is a family car.  I’m into SUVs, and not MPVs but I like the name anyway.

It’s about time Proton came out with nice names.  Modern names.  They need it badly to go international.

I know, a lot of you out there have been wondering how the SAGA BLM is performing.  Famous keywords to my blog are mostly about the Proton Saga.

The wonder continues for those whom are still thinking to get one, and those whom have huge skepticism on Proton cars.  I’ve been driving my saga BLM for a year… so, I guess I have the justification to review it as an owner. If my review is different, well.. frankly, what do I know about cars?? hhehehehe….

So far.. these are the things I can conclude…

  • Fuel is about RM0.12 per liter (when fuel was RM2.15 a liter)
  • Comfort is acceptable as its spacious, but I admit, it still can’t beat MyVi which brings out that ‘rich’ feel, and that awesome driving experience.
  • There is problems with the door, as I found it hard to close, as if its not fitting, but this is a relatively small matter.
  • The air condition in the car is awesome. On a hot day, you could feel the breeze within minutes.
  • Speed is also awesome for an automatic car.  You could feel the pick up of the car the minute you press the accelerator.  The only thing is, the raving engine sound would spoil your excitement.
  • Insulation of noise in the cabin is not as they claim.  They say its quite on the inside, but I beg to differ.  You could hear the engine roaring, and its not really pleasant when your moving at medium speed.
  • The seats are comfortable, but it traps dust.
  • The fog lamps should not be switched on at night with your normal headlights.  Other road users see this as ‘high-light’.  Also noticed that my fog lamps get ‘misty’, as if water is trapped inside.
  • There is a problem with the door sensor.  Sometimes when all doors are shut, it still tells you that some door is not.  A visit to the Proton Service Center took care of this for good.
  • Disliked dashboard and steering wheel position.  The steering hides the displays panels  on the dashboard.
  • Till now, I have no idea of the huge hole compartment on the dashboard.  Putting a tissue there is useless as most tissue boxed do not fit at all.
  • The sound system is good enough for an average user.  So far, blasting at ‘Volume 23’ for RnB music is no problem and fulfilling.
  • I spotted some rust on the exhaust, but I guess that’s common.
  • The absorber adapts well to bumpy roads, but its not the best if compared to Vios.
  • On a sharp turn, you’d get some over-steer
  • The spring of the bonnet door could be changed for a better one.  Changed mine after the incident with the Estima, and it now closes with a flick, instead of having to bang it hard like when I first purchased the car.
  • The break oil tube is located somewhere unpractical, and seems to be un-lasting.  Was told I should get it changed.
  • The alarm is awful.. I wish they provided something different to the hon based alarm they include.
  • Dislike the door lock as its just too simple, but then again, it is handy when hanging small stuff.
  • Rear seat belts are not fitted properly.  They look like they were forced to be there.

On another note, the car is just ready for modification.  If you are into modification of cars, get the cheaper car coz you do not need the airbag and sport rim.  I think the colours which stand out for this model is Solid White and Metalic Black.

Granite grey is also nice, but my ultimate pick would still be White.  If I had money, I’d easily throw in a new sports rim, a spoiler and a skirt to enhance my car.  I tinted my car the minute I got it and I have been lucky that I’ve passed numerous JPJ and police roadblocks.

Anyway, I could easily conclude that the Proton Saga BLM is indeed a good car, given its price.  You could hardly complain about it because it serves well as a car, and a medium of transport.

The problems I faced so far, can be ignored, and are not major.  I’d recommend this car to anyone, to be frank… but it goes down to your luck also when you get a car.  Some people are just darn unlucky, and end up with problematic cars while others get the best deals with little to complaint.

So, to my car, happy birthday babe!!

p/s: Didn’t manage to get photo’s of the car.  Maybe next time.

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