Compare the Liv, Exora, Avan & Inno


I’m guessing most Malaysians are hyped over the new Proton Exora.  Well, I’m not looking for a new car, but I’d like to share some info on the car anyway.

I am also guessing, most of you are trying to compare all similar rival MPVs available in the market by making your very own comparison.  So, I thought.. why not make it easier for you guys… after all, you need to make the best choice if you want to buy an MPV in the slumping economy.

So, here is a table comparing 4 popular MPVs available in the Malaysian market.  You can click the image to enlarge it.

Of course the one whom produced this table is trying to cover up the comparison between the Exora and other MPVs, but I know all you guys are smart enough to guess the obvious.  Anyway, if the facts above are wrong, I won’t be held responsible for it.

Anyway, take note of the power of each MPV, and the comparison per 1 bhp.  Also, the ground clearence for each car.  The lower ground clearence would mean a more stable ride for you and your family.

I can’t talk about the price because I didn’t bother to survey the prices of other MPVs.  If other brands are offering extra accessories, well.. I didn’t mention that too…

At the end of the day, its up to you to decide.. a Malaysian ‘PROTON’ MPV, or a foreign brand which may be more expensive but yet less powerful.  Hope what I’ve posted helped.


  1. Thanks for the info. I will decide which MPV to buy, maybe in 6 years time. Then i will pening my kepala to choose. hopefully more choices of MPV will come in 6 years time. Hehehe

    [Cyril Dason]
    6 years is a very long time bro. I think by then, Exora will already have at least a sister..if not a cucu..hehhee

  2. It does look like Citra if put side by side….looking for somemore MPVs to compare 🙂

    [Cyril Dason]
    Citra.. yala.. Why did they miss that out?? Maybe because Citra is better??

  3. a 1.6cc for such a big car (exora), i think it is underpowered lah.
    but then again, it’s a family car…bukan untuk bawa racing. 😀

    [Cyril Dason]
    True.. I read in one blog that the pick up will be slow if you are full-car… but then again, i still feel the car is value for money.


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