I inspected my car after I was told it was ready for pick up.  Was not really happy with it, and called up MrX and asked him that my car need further repairs.  I want it as it bought it.  FULL STOP.  I guess, to this point, he reluctantly agreed to me, having my scratched bonnet to be re-sprayed so that it would hide those ugly scares MrX’s Estima made during the accident.

Being car-less is indeed difficult.  I guess, when you start getting used to having a roof over your head while moving here and there, it does take a toll when your privilege is taken away.  For the past few days, I turned to my humble old EX5 Dream, and well.. she took me places without any complaints.  The only complaint that I have is, I can’t go anywhere when it rains… which means, I have limitation *sigh*.

Thinking back, I didn’t have any qualms when I was using my motorcycle a year ago, but the rain remains a huge stigma for me during those days.  In fact, I know that I can easily get a cold each time I drive through the rain, and I know for a fact that getting a car is still the right choice.

Anyway, to be honest, I find blogging really difficult nowadays.  I just don’t know why.  It seems that I’ve lost interest.  Maybe its due to lack of motivation.  Maybe its lack of enthusiasm… or maybe its due to the fact, there is little for me to share with the cyber would.  Its like a plague.  I’ve noticed that I have been slowly turning into a more boring guy… with games leaving the top of my list a few months ago, and accounts such as Friendster following suit…Now, blogging seems to be following suit.. and I wonder what else would be left as my interest.

Seems like, at the end of the year.. I will be left wondering what my interest would be… *scratch head*

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