Contemplating ‘the private holiday’


You know the feeling when you are cornered at a cliff, and that you have no where else to go but down that cliff?

I’m having that feeling right now. Cornered, disappointed, depressed and clueless about where I should go and what I should do. However, unlike that first sentence I wrote which says the way down is down the cliff, I’m opting for a more preferred move, which is to get away from it all and just relax and chill without nothing to worry about but what to do next on that trip.

In other words, I need a holiday. A holiday from everything. My job, my life, my friends, those close to me… Just a quick change to relax and unwind.

The past years have been taking it’s toll on me, and despite how strong I feel I am, it’s just tearing me apart from the inside.

I know life is not perfect, but we all have things we want to chase after. Sometimes, we get what we want, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we do get what we want, but it would be at the expense of others. I hate when that happens, but that’s always the case. One happy face would in turn make one sad face.

Well, in my mind right now, there’s this really vague idea of me going on a last minute holiday. It wasn’t a plan hence the ‘last minute’, but it seems that I may just…

The image I’m picturing in my mind right now is me sitting on a ‘kerusi malas’, at a house balcony facing the blue ocean, with the sun setting at it’s grace, and the cool ocean breeze hitting my shirtless body.

then again, the dream may just not come true.


  1. go for it bro. U sont have to go very far to get the new afresh of mind. Ur body n soul sorely need it.

    Damai beach is not that far away. Just get a room and lepak watch sun setting.. Get room service for any food u desire.

  2. Yes, Cyril.. I do believe that everyone needs a break from something. I’m feeling all the expressions u mentioned. But I have to move on… Hope u get what u want..

    Btw, that picture above, at Kingwood Resort, when was that taken? Were u here last Pesta Kaul? Just curious since I am here now, working.

    • Thank you for the hope and wish. I hope I get what I want too =)

      Yes, it is indeed at Kingwood resort and it was taken last year when I was there to give a talk on social media.

      Kingwood Resort is a lovely place to relax, plus it has one hell of a sunset =)

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