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Creativity & Innovation Carnival Sarawak

I got to know about the Malaysian Cyber Securities from the Creativity and Innovation Carnival today.  I thought I’d share it with you guys since I think most people, regardless of how ‘pro‘ they claim they are in the internet, do not know about how the Malaysian law protects us, the internet users in cyber space.  I do not need to point fingers as I too know nuts on this thing called ‘cyber security’… although I have heard of it …somewhere… I know, most of you guys feel the same.

So, the Malaysian Cyber Securities is kind of like the ‘Royal’ Malaysian Police Investigation department in cyber space, only maybe without guns and a lock-up.  You could say that they are like one part of the CSI people we see on TV, as they are hugely involved in the investigation of crimes related to technology.  From what I understand, they are only involve in the investigation, but the persecution process would be up to the person whom has made the complaint.

Now, I don’t want to say so much on what services they do offer, because you could spend more time doing that by clicking the link I would be giving you below.  For now, I’d give you some scenarios which these people can help you out in.

Scenario 1:
On Facebook/Friendster/email or any social network…. someone decides to send you emails/personal messages/text which you deem as offensive and threatening, or maybe racist… Even those spreading untrue rumors about you fall in this category.  You tip off CyberSecurities Malaysia, and they would investigate it for you for FREE!!  Yes… they would check out the person’s IP address, ensure that it is that person whom is doing it, and give you all the ammunition for a proper persecution in court!  Cool huh??  Their only advice is that, you keep these ‘bad’ messages as proof, and they would do the rest.  How far will they go to get the information for you?  Well, according to the person manning the booth, she said, they would get legal authority to get into that person’s account, get in contact with the owners of that social network, and also use some sort of method to detect who did what and when.  When I asked about how could all this be done?  She said.. “This is what we call… CYBER BULLIES“.

Cyber fraud...

Scenario 2:
You receive threatening/harassing/insulting SMSes/MMS which sound like “Your religion sucks and thats why bla bla… I am going to kill you if you bla..bla… ” or “your religion is a terrorist and bla bla bla…” …err, you get my drift.  Well, you can also report these people to the CyberSecurities Malaysia.  They would dig everything on the sender, and feed you with all the information that you need to kick him back legally!  The only advice is that you keep the messages as proof (so that you have grounds on the report, and they would dig up the rest by requesting Digi, Celcom or Maxis for SMS reconds).  They also do not encourage you to fight back and reply.  Again, I stress that you can kick back at them legally, and if you are acting by the law… you are always safer, and if you are a victim, and you have nothing to fear.

Scenario 3:
You were blog hopping, and realized that somewhere.. someone is stealing your identity, and tarnishing your image by using your name.  Or… someone is posing as you and making you look very very bad.  Well, you can make a report to the CyberSecurities Malaysia, and they would do the rest.  You can then, do stuff such as make a police report for legal action as you have solid proof!  It’s really cool!

Well, those 3 scenarios are just some of the many things the CyberSecurities Malaysia do.  From my point of view, it seems to be something everyone should know, especially when we deal with hate comments over cyber space so often nowadays.

CyberSecurities Malaysia booth

More information could be obtained here, and I got to know that although the CyberSecurities Malaysia isn’t as high tech as their American counter-parts, they in fact can do so much to protect your rights as an internet user.  The best part is that they can result in serious damage shall someone try to misuse the internet in any possible way.

And while I am at it, here is what they have to say on social networks and the use of the internet:

  • Always keep your password to yourself.(The reason?? So that your accounts are always safe)
  • Never disclose private information about yourself like your phone number, home address, work info etc. (People can easily pose as you when they know everything about you)
  • Don’t place sexy/nude/semi nude photos of yourself online (Coz some people can use it against you)
  • Don’t reply to abuses online (but keep them for record/proof in case they continue)
  • Don’t simply add a ‘friend’ you just got to know online. It is better to know the personally. (Reason? Because they could be someone waiting for the right time to get something from you)

There are so many other reason, but for that, you’d better check out their website. For me, the verdict on CyberSecurities Malaysia is a good two thumbs up…

Pua Kumbu.. I wonder what it has to do with Creativity and Innovation?


  1. and what does that last pic has to do with the post? lol…anyway, nice info dude. keep on sharing good stuff after all sharing is loving. see you soon at 2010 rwmf. 🙂

    Err.. it was one of the exibits that day.. and the RWMF.. not sure yet about it. STB yet to confirm anyting la.

  2. 1. Basically, Malaysia is yet to have any law that specifically deals with computer security and digital privacy

    2. If there is such, we would have an ACT or “AKTA”

    3. Cybersecurity Malaysia is not a law enforcement agency

    4. Another Malaysian organization that deals with this scenario will be IMPACT

    Thanks for sharing the information Azril. I’m sure it would be beneficial for many =)

  3. emmm…i will know where to turn to if i get any offensive msg or email. not that i have received any, just in case haha

    Yes…. it is good knwledge, but hopefully we dont have to use it someday. =D

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