CYNET Hosting Review – Cheap & Quality Hosting Service


This post is about Cynet Hosting, a Malaysian based hosting company.

I have moved my hosting from Data KL to CYNET HOSTINGS last month, and I’d love to share some good tips on why you should go with Cynet Hostings.

For starters they are cheap. I won’t say they are as cheap as JomHosting, but they are cheaper than most hosting service providers. In my case, I felt that they are so cheap that I decided to renew my hosting service with them for a complete 3 years!

It was a risk I was willing to take as CYNET HOSTINGS didn’t have any proper reviews on their service, and in Malaysia… cheap service always means crappy service. Well, Cynet was an exception because they provided proper help in every aspect which I needed to transfer my hosting files to their server. All FREE.

Okay, before I go and list down the good reasons why you should sign up with Cynet, let me tell you that I signed up with their Business Webhosting Service which enables me 1 domain add on, a 50GB Disk space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited SQL Database, unlimited sub-domains and a 50GB monthly data transfer. It all cost me RM195! A similar package from Cynet’s closest rivals would cost me close to RM300!!

My argument on the the package I took is that I do not need more than two domains (I am thinking of getting sometime in the future, but lets wait if that materialize), I have a few sub-domains (students, mjrobotics, travelcheap2kuchingborneo, portfolio), and based on my site stats, I use up over 13GB of data transfer space. The business package I took fits me right.

On another note, they also provide cheap options for personal blogs. You can check the list below:

I know, its like super cheap, especially if you decide to go for over 2 years with them.

Anyway, if none of the packages fit you, you can also choose to customize your package to suit you best, although I did feel that the custom price was a little bit higher.


  • They are cheap (Reaallyy…)
  • Their customer service is reliable (I get almost instant reply on inquiries)
  • File hosting transfer is free (Some hosting providers charge extra on this)
  • They also provide free installation of common scripts like wordpress (Easy to build a blog)
  • They have a good up-time of 99.9%. (So far, my blog has yet to be inaccessible due to server fault. )
  • You can customize your hosting package. (Nice feature to fit your buget)
  • Easy payment (some hosting needs over 3 days to complete, Cynet takes less than an hour)
  • Instant activation (if you are buying a new domain, you get the domain almost immediately)
  • No hidden charges.

And hold on there… if you decide to go with them, use this CYNET HOSTINGS link. You get an additional 10% discount on the figures shown on the Cynet site, and you save even more.

So if you are close to renewing your domain, or you want a new hosting service, choose CYNET HOSTINGS. They are cheaper, and better.


  1. I am looking at reviews for cynet as my host provider. and you are the only one who fully support cynet. However, this post was 2 years ago.

    What now? Is cynet still your preferred choice?


  2. 23 03 2012 server down at 2:50 PM…
    now 10:20 AM,, I called, the andwer was the server will be
    down until tonight .. don’t know to say sorry !

  3. hey there saw your review on Cynet and would like to give them a try. however, i have been waiting for their reply for a few days and they have not responded to my questions yet. do you have any other methods to contact them instead of email?
    Thanks, 😀

    • Hi Candy,

      You need to fill ‘contact us’>>Submit a ticket>>sales support and email away.

      The normally reply within 48 hours. Shall they do not reply, it may be wise to call them.

      Good luck!

  4. i am having some issue with exabytes n they r more like a policeman rather than a help desk at the bank. non helpful at all n i am going to move mayb to this soon. thx for recommendation.

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