DG50 50% MORE Contest


When my facebook account was not yet disabled, I managed to squeeze in a few online competitions.  One of them was the DG50 50% MORE Contest.  I figured, why not just try my luck since I was a loyal DiGi Customer. To date, I have been with DiGi for over 6 years, and I still believe they are the cheaper choice. Yes, frankly… they are the smarter choice simply because they are the cheaper choice, and the more reliable service provider.

Well, guess what? I won the contest with this video:

I know, its a very simple video, it lacks a lot of creativity and seems absurdly untrue… but believe it or not, DiGi save me a lot.  I made the video within an hour, and it was really something abrupt.

I’m not sure about the competition I had, but I’m happy to own a new Panasonic Digital Camera courtesy of DiGi.  Now, I’m just waiting for my prize to arrive. Can’t wait to get my new toy, but deep down, I do wish it was one of those DSLR cameras I’ve always wanted.


  1. Awesome !! Panasonic LZ-8 is regarded very, very highly at one of the most trusted photography online review site, dpreview. Go and read their praises on LZ-8 here:
    I love a few things about this camera: full manual control, 5x zoom, and relatively good image quality, on par with many compacts out there. the only downside would be slower in operation, and poor flash recycle time.

  2. Everyone:
    Thank you for the wishes 🙂 Hope to win more.

    Hehehe.. nice try bro. I’ll keep the camera 😛

    According to the ads, its an LZ8, like yours.

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