DiGi vs Celcom Prepaid Internet Broadband


After doing some intensive research, I finally decided to get the DiGi Prepaid Broadband.  I have Streamyx at home, but when I am on the go… I need internet 😛 So, decided to go for the cheapest mobile broadband available, which is none other than DiGi Prepaid Internet Package.

Why is it the cheapest? Well, at 384kps, it’s a flat rate of RM2/- per day, which is way cheaper than Celcom’s RM6/- per 24 hours. Maxis doesn’t have Prepaid Broadband, so lets just screw them for now.

Well, the similarities of both prepaid broadband are in terms of speed (384 kbps), and also the fact that they both do not provide the wireless modem device/dongle.  This isn’t  a big issue because you could just make a trip to your nearest PC shop and purchase the modem around RM169 or less.  I got my Hutchison 3G modem for RM169, with a 2 year warranty.  Both starter sim packs start at RM25, with RM20 pre-loaded inside.


For starters, DiGi Internet Broadband is cheaper priced, running at RM2 /day while Celcom offers 3x the price at RM6/24-hours.  Connectivity is also a difference since Celcom does boast the widest 3G network, which basically means you can enjoy the maximum of 384kbps in most areas, as compared to DiGi’s limited 3G network.  DiGi’s limited 3G network means that you will be running on EDGE most of the time, and that’s about 128kbps if you are lucky.  Another difference comes in the cap of data usage.  Data Cap means the maximum data you can download, and DiGi is putting a 1GB data cap for their prepaid broadband, while Celcom has yet to come with any cap so that means u can download as you want.

Duration of use also is a major difference with DiGi offering a simple RM2 per day activation, which basically means RM5o will last you 25 days, and RM10 will last you 5 days.  The concept is sort of like your prepaid mobile account which will be calculated based on days regardless of whether you use it or not.  Celcom on the other hand divides their prepaid data activation period into two with hourly use as RM6 is for 24 hours, and RM20 is for a weeks usage.  This basically means that if you  decide to get the hourly usage package, you’d be charged RM6 for 24 hour usage (which you can on and off because your usage is calculated based on hours and not a day), while the RM20 per 7 days is calculated based on days, regardless of whether you use it or not.  Validity of your reload is similar to Xpax reloads, with RM10 lasting for 7 days, and RM100 lasting 100 days.


Although I am a great fan of DiGi promotions and products due to their cheaper rate and fantastic rewards, I have to admit they have a far way to go to compete with the front runners in broadband services.  They may be offering a hell lot more for a lower price, but being the new kid on the block, they hugely lack proper broadband coverage.  While using the DiGi prepaid broadband is cheap, running at RM2 per day, you’d tend to loose your data usage cap due to the long wait for sites to load.  I know so because I tried my using my DiGi Prepaid Broadband in an EDGE area, and I used up about 1MB for 5 minutes worth of surfing time with speeds running way below 200kbps, and some sites loading ultimately slow.  Apart from that, RM6 per 24 hours by Celcom Prepaid Broadband isn’t bad considering it is unlimited, has wider coverage, and is calculated based on your hourly use.  This means that you’d be spending RM0.25 per hour, which is actually very cheap.

Nonetheless, I am optimistic with DiGi as they are still new, and I am very sure they will be pushing hard to get a slice of the Broadband pie.  However, I can frankly say that I am considering getting the Celcom Prepaid Broadband as well sometime soon because I really like the 24-hour per usage concept which I feel saves more money if u seldom log on to the net.

Btw, wonder why there are no Celcom images? Hehehe.. Told you I am a DiGi fan 😛


  1. NEVER trust or use MAXIS. Maxis is the worst ISP in Malaysia. When there’s a problem, they always give a wrong information and totally nonsense response via support line 1800822000.

    Most Nonsense that I ever experienced:
    1. Please call 1800822000 for your enquiries. (I’m calling 1800822000, duh!)
    2. Sorry We’re not able to help you. (What the heck, they don’t even support their own product?)
    3. Different stories and answers on every support calls.
    4. They won’t call back as promised. (Call-in again instead of waiting for their reply)
    5. Please hold on. (Waited for decades)

    Wasted over RM150 for an unsolved support call…

  2. Cyril can you update on the packages? I think Digi is the cheapest prepaid broadband right now. RM100 for 100days. I don’t care much for data usage cause I can’t even get 1Gb eventhough paying RM68/mo for Celcom BB, it’s crawling all the time.

  3. I have been using all 3 usb broadband before, and currently digi, here’s my opinion on these 3 broadbands:

    coverage: celcom> maxis > digi
    speed : maxis> digi > celcom
    package : digi >celcom > maxis

    So far DIGI a A LOT better than the other two in my opinion..not to mention that the speed is still pretty good even when bandwith limit exceeded.. im so happy

  4. nice review dude!
    However there’s some correction regarding to the info, can’t blame u nway since u got d info from telco’s cust service. I’m working with celcom b4 n currently with digi..
    Celcom prepaid broadband offer 2 packages, weekly and daily which is calculated based on 24hours after d activation time regardless u use it juz for 2min, d same charges apply.
    Digi prepaid broadband hav 2 diff package, data only or normal sim. Data only is not rm2/day.its ranging from rm5/day to rm1/day depends on ur reload amount.normal sim, rm3/day or rm15/week.
    The speed is up to 384kbps depends on coverage.y?? Bcoz that the max speed our network could support at thiis moment. Admit it, we r not japan nway! We r still lil baby in this.
    For the fair usage policy, it restricted by mcmc. Y?? Bco some of us pay more. Up to 138 per month to enjoy higher quota. So, the more u pay, the more u get. If u pay less, but u want to get the same as them, is it fair for them?? =)

  5. i use maxis 3 gb broadband. the coverage is even wider than celcom 3g now. last month when celcom bb sucks so bad. my maxis connection was extremely fast. but after that celcom prob had ended…celcom broadband prepaid is only slightly slower than maxis. for heavy downloader, i strongly suggest celcom prepaid broadband.

  6. Malaysia service provider only know $$$$$. But their don’t learn how to improve their service. Doesnt matter what is the plan their offered, but do not make the clients like ball. If, in oversea, all this company become “telor bungkus”.

  7. wow….so many debates…
    when i was studying in UMS, i used celcom broadband 345kpbs with 5 Gb cap at rm68…
    now, terminate already because i did not use it anymore…just streamyx at home…
    but, when i want o download things, i use my celcom blue broadband prepaid..no cap, unlimited download, anytime, anywhere because of the coverage..
    the line sucks sometimes, but all the time good….even beat my friends using digi broadband, where their line always cut off for a while…

    yup..still prefer celcom….for me, 3 Gb is still too low…nothing to do….but i heard that maxis broadband in kuching is quite good too…even the coverage is not wide…

  8. why my digi prepaid broadband speed soooo slow in my area at BDC Kuching???? and then i received msg dat i’ve reached 100 MB daily quota… and i hate it although i only open facebook…

    Im using digi/celcom/maxis prepaid.

    I paid for Maxis @rm18 per 1 week at 500mb cap and suddenly after only 1 day usage its over ! Even though i adjusted the settings to receive TEXT only without images to save !
    Maxis : I felt Cheated
    Then Celcom : at a very high hourly charge, they only allow you to go through THEIR PORTAL ! Which is a great nuisance !
    Digi : Unlimited Bliss at de cheapest cost. I LOVE it Cyril
    For my laptop use , im using Maxis 6G broadband
    Tkcare guys

  10. Mohd Hafiz:
    Well, I’d agree that among all 3 broadband, Digi is the best. The only problem is coverage 🙁 And yes.. if I could bring streamyx around, that would be really good.

    There is no cap for the prepaid Data for Digi, and that’s why they are the cheapest if you consider daily usage. RM2 for a day, a whole week. That’s cyber cafe price for an hour, only you get to use it for a day!

  11. I am using the Digi Prepaid Internet RM2/day.
    According to speedtest.net, I got 2mb download speed (using USB modem). The actual download speed that I get when downloading movie is around 200kbps. Torrent around 70kbps.

    When using SE phone modem, speedtest show 360kbps download speed. Actual download speed is around 50kbps steady.

    So I think you can get better speed with proper modem.

    I think there is no data cap for this package.

    • A little bit confuse here. Digi website state that DL speed for prepaid is max to 384kb. How can u get 2MB? And when u said downloading movie is around 200kbps, do you mean kBps or kbps? If kbps, then speedtest should be 0.24MB.

      I’m planning to get DiGi Discovery Day Plan since it offer max to 700kbps. But if prepaid really can give me 2MB, then better get prepaid.

  12. well.. DiGi Prepaid BroDBANd is the best so far..???…?? never use before and 1 2 try someday…but many complained about Celcom bnd i use 2 hear everydaY..if i can bring my streamyx wifi modem for all the time when im not in home.. what the ##### lol!!! 🙂

  13. Newbie:
    I’m not sure about U-Mobile. I heard they ride on celcom network.

    I have no idea bro. Sorry.

    Hahhaa.. Good to know, but i heard their performance depends on area.

    LOL.. I get that ‘passing around’ always from Maxis 🙂 But in my case, they actually do something about it.

  14. i’m using both broadband service but i find myself more in love with DIGI BROADBAND. Reason was more faster and never drop to GPRS or even EDGE. My Celcom on the other hand….ai…At beginning i still can enjoy the speed of HDSPA. For the last 2 months. i’m getting either GPRS or EDGE. I seldom see the BLUE light signal which indicate HDSPA signal on my modem. The Customer service also sucks as 10 questions you asked. only 1 has the answer. Others…”Sorry..i have no idea. i will passed your call to other department.” round and round the world i go. In the end….No answer. And the final answer was “We will contact you in a while”. A while = 3 days.

  15. Digi Broadband is great! Cheapest, stable 3G connection… I use it in 3G coverage, torrent downloads can go up to 60kbps… Can’t never be achieved by using Celcom or Maxis BB.

    Keep it up, Digi!

  16. Rahman:
    Wow!! indeed. that is something to ponder about. If only they have better coverage. I’m a huge Dig =i fan, and I have always been one 🙂

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Well, I’m experiencing the same thing with my Maxis broadband (just subscribed it recently), and mine’s at UMT speed in the toilet. Of all the places! As for Armchair, yea, I am kind of annoyed and i can’t help it but lash out at people whom make baseless arguments without knowing the facts first. These people are those whom will make baseless rumours and will end up destroying society. 🙁

  17. It’s funny, I only have gprs on celcom & maxis in my house. If i want to use celcom HSDPA/UMTS, I have to walk several steps outside my home. That’s a drawback in rural areas. But I do get Digi’s EDGE in here. But for RM50, u get to use it for 25 days is quite cheap. Mine is is postpaid of RM58/month. Furthermore, Armchair did not read your article carefully. Don’t be offended my friend.

  18. I’ve been using Digi Internet Prepaid for a week now.
    Already download and used more than 21GB.
    Not kena cap at all.
    Makes me think about it terms of DiGi Internet Prepaid Unlimited.
    Plus, DiGi said that this internet prepaid starter pack are only being sell in limited amount. 100k units perhaps?
    Something to wonder about…

  19. Armchair traveller:
    First off, thank you for showing you are a person whom likes to belittle people. Your gesture of calling me names shows that your mentality is THAT LOW. Secondly, the facts I obtained above are from my discussion with Celcom Customer Service. I even met them up, and they said the same thing. Don’t blame me if if the facts are wrong… and don’t simply jump to conclusions about my brain. Where is our proof ? Obviously u are confused with how to do a scientific investigation and make a claim without proof, as that topic is the one topic which which explains the method to get the right facts. The topic is thought in form 1.

    You comments show that you are not happy reading this article, so why not just leave instead of showing how low you are? And I have also talked about people using fake names like yours here:http://cyrildason.com/2009/02/11/abusing-the-internet/. I’m sorry to say that i regard people like you as cowards and idiots.

    While I welcome constructive comments, yours have no other intention but to belittle me, and so… I hope you will start to grow up and be a better person. I strongly suggest you go back to form one and look back at how to make conclusions based n a scientific investigation. Btw, thanks for dropping by 🙂

  20. Obviously you have not done your research well and you are just an armchair blogger. Celcom 24 hour usage refers to exactly just that, you get exactly 24 hours of usage from the time you sign up. It does not divide up and calculate the time for you so that you can spread the 24 hours apart.

    PLease do your research carefully before spiting out something that your brain thinks is right but is in fact INCORRECT.

  21. Well, to answer the question of the connectivity that sucked when you’re in hotels or city centers. i dont think a lot of ppl know this but hsdpa/3g works better when youre at ground level. its something to do with their frequency; it doesnt spread well at higher altitudes. So, if youre in a 17th level apartment/10th floor at a hotel, do expect worse coverage than those ppl who are near the ground level.

  22. i am a celcom user of postpaid account…after reading u guys comments on digi prepaid turbo, it makes me doubtful in applying for it..lol

  23. Freddie:
    LOL!! So DiGi Broadband is giveing you good service? 🙂 Heheh.. I’ve heard a lot of complaints on Celcom.

    Aku ensem:
    Yes, Maxis has one of the fastest wireless broadband. Too bad they are a little expensive.

    Somehow, I believe that they do have some sort of device 😛 I mean, I used to get that when I was using Celcom’s line. They may have the biggest coverage, but their service sucks.

  24. I agree with Freddie. I am using Celcom broadband basic (384Kbps). In my area (Putrajaya) always got full bar HSDPA and the speed is rather inconsistent, sometimes you can reach the 384Kbps, sometimes it seems like there is no connection whatsoever even though the bar is full. I am kinda suspicious with the the bar, so I borrowed my friend USB modem with Advance package. Upon connectiong the HSDPA showed full bar, but speed is limited to 384Kbps or less. Now I am thinking that somehow Celcom managed to set the bar to be full all the time even where there is no connectivity to fool their customers.

  25. in my area,celcom broadband sucks coz of speed. Most time will get edge. Now I’m using maxis prepaid broadband and my the highest speed I reach is 3mbps at my home.

  26. Thanks for your reply. Had terminated the Celcom account and now temporarily using DIGI prepaid. A world of difference! I should have terminated Celcom earlier. Really feel shortchanged and told them so but no response so switched to DIGI. Thanks again.

  27. TimmyLicious:
    Ahh.. I heard in Kuching its the same issue. Someone in Celcom also told me that they are having congestion. maybe that’s why connection in their broadband is not consistent. As for the cap usage, celcom does not impose any for their prepaid. I asked already 😀

    Let me reply you according to ur statements:
    1-You can check actually, but it is a hassle because you need to transfer the simcard of the broadband into your phone to check.
    2-This is something most Celcom users have been complaining about a lot. The users on 384kbps havent saied anything, but you must always get what you paid for.
    3-yes, UNIFI’s cap has been suspended, and 10% of the purchased speed if they have the cap is still very much fast and I wouldn’t mind also. 🙂

  28. I have been uing the celcom HSDPA for the past 3 months now and will be terminating the account this Friday.

    Reason being :

    1. There is no way to check how and when the cap is reached.
    2. While paying for the HSDPA 3.6 mbps, I rarely get the connection even though my area is within their coverage area.
    3. According to a report in the STAR the cap by UNIFI has been suspended. Howevever, what is interesting is that the connection speed after cap is throttled to 10% of “purchased speed”. I would be jumping for joy if I could get 360 kbps after being capped.

    Appreciate your response with thanks.

  29. err i think celcom is capped at 5GB for postpaid. i do not know about prepaid though. Last week i was in KL and trying to use my celcom broadband. Guess what? It took luck for me to connect to the internet. it might be due to the hotel room i was in. it is blocking the network.

  30. I been using celcom broadband for 2 years now and u guys rite it’s pretty much depends on the location. but the slower package is quiet a pain when outside city (when connection is only EDGE and GPRS) even worst using the celcom huawei modem. I use the advance package and it does makes a lot of different plus the O2 modem, the connection is ok. In kuching from what i saw only at the Wisma Seberkas the connection of HSDPA is full, anywhere else averagely around 2 bars for HSDPA. the funny things is recently i spent the night at Hilton Kuching and i only get EDGE and GPRS connection no HSDPA. I wonder why coz i’m in the middle of the city with no HSDPA connection. I hope Digi will get to all over Sarawak soon and importantly with big coverage of HSDPA connection i hope (i’m a Digi user by d way)

    Your case is super weird. How can you do not have HSPDA at city center?? The city center is suppose to boast the best of everything!! Celcom should do something about this problem

  31. Maxis does have prepaid broadband. RM8 per day, 500MB usage cap. Celcom cap at 1GB as well for prepaid. So far, Digi packages is the cheapest.

    I have been using Celcom broadband (postpaid) for 2 years now, so far it’s pretty decent in my area. Reach beyond 384kbps. Digi EDGE connection is rather bad here, I tried out the 1-day pass and was really frustrated. But i guess it’s matter of time before DiGi Turbo 3G coverage area expands.

    Yes, I just realized they do have Prepaid(Hotlink), and they are actually offering a very good package! EDGE sucks.

  32. I’ve been using the mobile broadband since the day this thing started about 5 years ago. I got the exact same dongle modem as you have about couple of months back. After using it for a few days, I decided to return it for a refund. I went back using my older modem. Personally I find this particular model of modem have weaker reception as the old modem I got proves stronger.

    But as far as I know, there is no difference between using a phone as a modem or just a USB modem. They are the same thing as long as the phone has the HSDPA functionality. Meaning the phone can use fast internet, so can your computer. Which is good in some ways. But of course, the real problem lies on if you’re on the 3G network or not. Else, there is no way of going up to speed.

    Yes, its always the location of where you are at that determines your speed, and thank you about the info on the phone as modem. I didn’t know that 🙂

  33. Cant miss the ‘yellow’ signature. looks cool. am a proud Digi fan too, except not yet for Digi broadband. maybe wait until the coverage is wider. give it time…

    Hehehe… Good. Good!! DiGi rocks.

  34. What is the difference using a USB modem with a cellular phone modem?. I rely on Sony Ericsson G502 to surf but I gained speed never exceeds 100KB of the promised 384kb. if I use a usb modem if the speed will increase?

    Hi Falseter. Form what I know, the speed of your connection does depend on your area. I’m using the USB modem for my DiGi Prepaid, and I never hit 384kbps because I am not in the 3G area. Nonetheless, if you are in the 3G area, and you can’t get the bet speed, then I think a proper USB modem will solve your problem. remember that mobile phones are built not to become modems and that might be a reason for the speed drop. USB modems are built for one purpose, so you can expect better results.

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