Discussing Without Power


The government has been mulling about setting up an inter-faith committee since Pah Lah’s days.  The idea I believe was to create better understanding among religious authorities, and hence help guide Malaysians as a whole to exercise their beliefs under the Malaysian Federal Constitution Article 11.  While I do not want to discuss deeper about Article 11(4), I feel that such a committee was intended in good faith, and the need for such a committee is very much important in Malaysia, which is a multi-religious country.

My humble opinion is that all religion is equal, which for me means that you can’t be a Christian, and think you are better than a Buddhist.  No religion is above another, despite history proving that some religion exist earlier than others.

But then again, it’s sad to actually see some people or certain people trying to always champion others, even when it comes to the more sacred things in life, such as religion.  These people make use of religion for political gains, and some go to the extend of making fun of other religion.  The setting up of an inter-faith committee to discuss ‘clashes’ of opinion, especially when a particular religion has a special place in the Malaysian law is very much welcomed because I feel that a consensus can be made by people with high religious authority and knowledge for the gain of the nation as a whole.

Nevertheless, such a committee is a total waste of tax payers money if all they do is sit down and talk only, and do not have any power to actually implement what they have discussed together.  More importantly, Malaysia might not see religious tolerance in the future if everyone thinks that their own religion is better and higher than the others.  My point is, there is no use making a discussion if those in power do not intend to listen to the problems brought up at the grass roots.

When this happens, we should all refer back to the Malaysian Constitution which is regarded as the utmost reference when a dispute erupts.  But, before you go on to flip the inside page, check out the photo below:

Maybe that explains why Malaysian politicians fight over practically anything in the Parliament.  At RM10 per book, I guess there’s so much yet to be covered.

I’m fed-up with Malaysian politics.  I don’t need talking champions, I need actions.


  1. Danliew:
    Yes, I agree. No piliticiqns should be involved in religious matters, and the decision on religious matters shouldn’t be made by politicians.

    NATO-No action, Talk Only.. Sad fact of most things in Malaysia 🙁

    Hopefuly its a start, but somehow, I can’t see beyond the committee due to some ‘circumstances’. 🙁

    We are ll waiting to see what will happen.

    No prob for the long comment bro. In fact, I appreciate it 🙂 I like it when my blog becomes a place to discuss something. We all have our own opinons. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Ermmm, I think when they’ve established the committee the really need to clearly explain to all public (until they understand) what is their roles and function, it will be a disaster if they fail to do so. I totally agree with you, religions should be not something to be made into “competition” (champion other religions) especially when religions is brought into something very influential like politics. Religion is something for us to believe in and for us to moralized ourselves (and also to “communicate” with God) but it’s not something to be used to out-championed others or to compete between each other which can spread hates (I bet in any religion it’s a bad thing to hate others). And yes I really really totally agree with you that all religions are equal, although they have their own way of performing their religion and believe and what should all human do is To Respects each others and their religion because that’s what one of the thing that our religions thought us, I don’t thing any religion teach their believers to hate each other or to say other religion is not good or this religion should not use this and that. I think us human have gone to far away from the right track of what our religions is all about (not all la). What we should always remember is that, all religions teach about LOVE not HATE. Anyway, sorry for the long comments bro hehehe can’t help myself :p . I guess we’ll just wait and see how this committee will be..

  3. Cyril,

    I believe you have heard of the word NATO which means , Talk Only, No Action. Hahaha… oh well…I’m not sure what to comment on this because politics is not something that is easy to handle. we need to be politicians ourselves to understand what makes things difficult to be implemented. However, I still believe that things can still be done BETTER than the current state.

    p/s: Murah juak buku ya. RM10 kira mampu beli lah bah.

  4. Cyril, I see this as a welcome gesture especially after so much had happened in our country – take for instance the use of “Allah”, the ban of certain religious books and etc. It is good that this committee is not championed by politicians, politicians should concentrate on governing the country, not the religion. Leave the religion to those who are fit to handle.

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